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Device Unlock 101


Questions about unlocking your phone? Here are some scenarios to help you out, please read carefully as each details of this discussion is important and the very bottom of the page is very important. Cat Happy


Scenario 1: I would like to unlock my phone to be used with another carrier, travel out of the country, or sell it to someone, what do I need to do?

> Call Client Care by dialing *611 or through 1-866-558-2273 for further assistance on unlocking your phone..


Scenario 2: I bought this phone from a friend/family member/anonymous who's with Telus and I would like it unlocked so I could use it with my current provider.

> Have him/her call Telus through 1-866-558-2273, it is necessary for the person who sold the phone to call Telus because they need to pay the $35 fee to unlock the phone.


Scenario 3: I bought the phone in full price at the local Telus store, do I have to call to unlock it?

> Please do ask the Corp store dealers about unlocking your phone or call Client Care by *611 or 1-877-558-2273 to inquire about unlocking your unsubsidized phone.


Scenario 4.0(For Apple Users Only): I'm on the airplane or at the airport and I would like to get my phone unlocked!

> If you're using Apple follow the steps on the link to my reply on this post, please take note that you need a laptop to complete those steps. If you don't have any laptop well let's wait until you arrive to your destination and find a laptop or computer that has iTunes installed.


Scenario 4.1(For Apple Users Only): I don't have any laptop or computers near me, I'm already out of the country.

Unfortunately there's nothing much to do in this case because of Apple's program on their phones is different than other phones which only requires the unlock code that the Telus reps could provide, you have the option to get a Prepaid phone with the local companies to where you're currently at or if you prefer to still use your Telus chip, you could get a Roaming Pass instead  so you could still make emergency calls or get in touch with you family.


Scenario 5: My account is already cancelled and fully paid, I would like to unlock my phone to be used in a different provider.

 > Please do ask the Corp store dealers about unlocking your phone or call Client Care by *611 or 1-877-558-2273 to inquire about unlocking your unsubsidized phone.


Scenario 6: I just bought this phone from someone or through eBay. How could I know if this is from a different provider or if it's unlocked so I could use it with my Telus service?

Telus have limited support in this case to phones that're not bought from a local dealer or corporate store, there are links or pages available in Google which could tell which service provider the phone came from. Usually, I use an IMEI Decoder Website to know who's it from. Once you found out, try to call the service provider to have it unlocked or for you to know what to do to get it unlocked.


  • AT&T: 1-800-331-0500
  • Bell Mobility: 1-800-667-0123
  • Fido: 1-888-481-3436
  • Koodo: 1-866-995-6636
  • Rogers: 1-888-764-3371
  • Sasktel: 1-800-667-6870
  • Solo Mobile: 1-877-999-7656
  • T-Mobile: 1-800-866-2453
  • Verizon Wireless: 1-800-992-0204
  • Virgin Mobile: 1-888-999-2321
  • Wind Mobile: 1-877-946-3184

(US service provider numbers are included, please do take note that LD/Intl charges may apply by calling them.)


**Note: In unlocking your device you must meet the following requirements.


> If you have an existing account with Telus, your account must not be tagged as past due which means(not Suspended for non-payment, not hotlined, and not referred to Collections).


> The phone must not be tagged as lost/stolen.


> If the phone was subsidized it must be active on the network for at least 90 days.



Ready to unlock your phone and you already have the codes or requested for your phone to be unlocked?



> Read carefully please and try opening the links! 🙂


Samsung and HTC: Insert the non telus SIM and type in the codes once the phone is asking for the unlock code.


Blackberry: Insert the non Telus SIM and type in the unlock code once you see that your phone is asking for a MEP code.


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Scenario 2 and 5, updated! 🙂

Don't forget, you can Chat with an Agent about unlocking your phone. I use it all the time and it's much faster than waiting on hold. 

Any customers looking at this as of 2015/2016 pricing has changed. If you look at the date, Kitty posted this in 2014. If your contract agreement is from May 1, 2015 or earlier, you can pay the $35 fee. If your contract agreement is later than that or you purchased your device outright then you will be required to pay the new pricing fee of $50 which is in our service terms. 

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