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3G should. LTE may not work. The specs listed on the Amazon page do not match the specs for the Nokia 6 found everywhere else on the web so be cautious if buying it. (Example: specs 1, specs 2, specs 3) LTE Band 4, which is the primary one Telus uses, is not actually available on the standard Nokia 6.


Another reason to be cautious is that Amazon page you linked to is using the images for the Nokia 6.1 (different, newer phone) in place of the Nokia 6 images. Nokia 6.1 TA-1045 (specifically TA-1045) does have appear to support LTE 4. That model is available in the US in big box stores like Walmart and Best Buy.


One thing to really watch out for is that since this phone is IMPORTED, there will likely be no warranty of any kind. Nokia focuses mainly on the Asian and European markets so they don't sell directly to North America. Extremely few of their devices are designed to work with North American cell frequencies.


If you do get the phone and it does come with the Hong Kong charger, be very careful with the HK > North American power adapter they may include with it as those can be fire hazards.

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