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if I change my cell number from Albert to BC can I still keep my 10 favourites?

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Changing your phone number doesn't affect your rate plan in most cases. I have yet to see a favourite number plan that isn't transferable from province to province. Smiley Happy


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This is fine but make sure you let others know of your new phone number so their fave 10 are updated. Smiley Happy

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I want to change my number, i still live at the same place!!! But i've been getting prank call's and annoying txt's from people i don't know... also i want a number that no one's ever used or changed too!! Thank you for your help

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You can block problem numbers on your phone to prevent them reaching you, if you wish.


For many accounts, you can change your phone number in the 'My Account' management section or you can chat with or call Telus and have your number changed. However there is no guarantee that the fresh number you are assigned will be a previously unused number, as when numbers are cancelled, they are returned after a few months to a pool to be used in the future.


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