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Call forwarding charges on apple watch cellular when no phone present

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Hello.  Wondering how this is billed.  If i have a share plan that does not include call forwarding, and I also have an apple watch cellular, will I be charged for call forwarding when I receive calls on the apple watch without a phone present.   

Technically the phone does forward the calls to the watch to place the call as the watch has a secondary phone number.  


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Just to continue ... I know its pretty rare to be out of the home without a phone, but in theory the watch cellular makes that viable.  By bolting the watch onto the phone, one would expect to be able to pick up calls to the phone on the watch without incurring extra charges - but I think with how its set up technically to be routed as a call forward, it would trigger a call forward charge each time, wouldn't it?

there is no charge for phone calls on your watch. I do it all the time

I was just told that using my galaxy watch will cost 50 cents a minute because of call forwarding. Is the Galaxy Watch different than the Apple Watch? 



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I'm under a business plan from the group deal. Maybe that's why?


i got billed for making a call with my cellular watch... 4min = $2

I’d suggest you call support and ask for billing correction. I had that issue back in February for a couple of months and they’ve fixed it.

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yep technical issue around the time i made that call they credited it so all good now

I just contacted support about this issue and their response is offering $5 call forward add on to m, more specifically, they said Apple Watch must go through call forward to receive phone call. Then I try to avoid this fee by letting others call Watch number directly, which turns out that the Watch number cannot be reached directly. So the conclusion is the $10 Apple Watch fee is only used for calling number outwards, I am thinking about using it as pagers now…

speaking with tech they found the forwarding from number assigned to watch to phones number was a bug and its resolved so got a credit

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Just got the Apple Watch yesterday and setup the cellular plan. I'm on the Telus EPP $50 Peace of mind 20GB plan. The purpose of the watch is so I can go places without my phone. However, all calls are billed at $0.50 per minute (can see this in usage) when my cell phone is not present. Anyone get this working correctly? 

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I had the same issue...was being charged $0.50 per minute for calls on my Apple Watch.  I called support and they reversed the charges and put a "fix" in place to prevent it from happening again.  I suspect that the watch was being added as a regular data device and not a watch with a special billing profile (or special relationship with the primary line). 


In any case, it's resolved after a quick call to support.  Excellent service.  

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Ok, scratch that. Next bill came and I have charges for calls on my watch again. Is there a rep here am that can advise on what I need to ask for to get this resolved permanently?

Yeah same, last year I call them, solved and get credit as reimbursement. However it does not means my further bill will waver this charge, until now this issue has accumulated more than $60 extra new charges for me. Feels like call them for a refund will be a biannually event…

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I called about call forward charges to apple watch yesterday.  After 2 hours on hold the rep didn't know much about this problem and first told me I was setup on the wrong plan, then said it was the right plan but this is  a known issue and they credited the approx. $50.  Doesn't seem like anything is changed and the only solution is to wait the ridiculous long time to get a credit.  I wonder what Rogers and Bell do? 

I’m getting these charges as well which seems ridiculous for the $10 “One Number Unlimited Access” add on. 50 cents per minute is an outrage fee as well, I’ll update with what support says tomorrow.