Blackberry Motion Security Updates Gone MIA


Anyone have some insight into why the BB Motion, North American Canadian variants PRD-63739-009/010, has literally had their security updates thrown under a bus…


Purchased mine (PRD-63739-009) through Telus day of release. For the first 8-9 months security updates were dang steady arriving pretty much in the month they were released, then around August 2018 upon the release of Oreo, those regular update fell off like a lead balloon. Now we’re lucky to see an update every 3 months.


So is this on BBMo’s shoulders, another entity (PTCRB?), or a case where sales of the Motion were too small making it unfeasible in keeping it current w/Security Updates?

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Do you use the CrackBerry forums? There's a user on there with the same username as yours that has been posting in discussions about this very topic. Even there no one seems to have any answers for North American owners. Has anyone tried contacting BBMo/TCL for answers?


Telus's support page for the Motion does list the February patch as being the current one so it looks like updates are still showing up through the carriers. ABP819 one matches the last listed firmware update for the Motion.


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Yes that is me. We got bored last night deciding to post here out of curiosity thinking someone might have some insider info others don't LOL. Contacted BBMo/TCL recently but yet to hear back from them... others have (including contacting carriers) but as per usual the blame just keeps being handed off to the other party(s) which is no surprise. As of late though the consensus has been "it's your carriers fault".


Correct we are on February's Patch but like previously stated... First 8-9 months of its life updates were monthly dwindling to quarterly (if lucky) for these latter 8-9 months. Not something, for me anyway, that's going to go unnoticed as it's a pretty big change in support from what it initially started out as. March and April's updates (ABS154/ABT975) have yet to appear on BBMo's/TCL's firmware list suspecting my next patch will come in May.


I know, we are beating a dead horse here I'm sure but gots to try for the sake of trying, couldn't live with myself if we didn't LOL.


Should of mentioned that other variants of the Motion have been receiving consistent updates with the Canadian variants seemingly getting the cold shoulder, on a more frequent basis, now. Guess we should have expected this living in the "Great White North" ;).

Received your typical, and generic, response from BBMo. None the wiser we are...

"We thank you for communicating with our BlackBerry® Mobile Care and for your interest in our products. We understand your concern, what happen is that system updates are base upon carrier, region, availability etc. and they don't have and specific time frame
to be schedule and whenever they are available you will get a notification."

On the Telus Software Update Schedule page it's showing a Security Update for the Motion was to be issued on Apr 24th yet nothing showing as of the 25th. A wee premature I know yet this wouldn't be the first time one was scheduled then going MIA, so yeah we're a bit skeptical it'll materialize.