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t3200 m bridge mode problem




i have put the device into bridge mode, connected via lan1 to my enterprise Ap, then shut off the radio on the 3200m. I am using the same broadcast name for SSID. 


I have read the instructions & done this several times.  I can see my ssid broadcast but it says no internet. I have also reset the 3rd party ap. There is no connectivity. I have also reset the 3200 several times, getting frustrated.

I have 2 enterprise Aps, but both get the same result. For whatever reason  neither will work in bridge mode. When i had shaw they did, but not with telus & i have FTH so i expected a world of difference. Thoughts?


Really not sure what i could be doing wrong? any tips?



Based on my interpretation of your post it appears that you are trying to connect a wireless AP directly to the Internet. Is this correct?


If your enterprise wireless AP does not include a firewall I would not recommend you directly connect it to the internet.

Community Power User
Community Power User
Usually an Access Point needs a router to make things work. Try turning Bridge Mode to off.
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