on a t3200m is there a way to setup a vpn to get into the house?


Working on setting up survalliance cameras and want to be able to view them via smartphone and have been told to setup a vpn to do so.  I dont see any vpn setup with the actiontec 3200m is there a way or can it be flashed with ddwrt or the likes?   I dont know much at all about this im a total noob plz  give me step by step if it can be done lol or what i have to do to make this work.  Thx

While you can use a VPN to connect from outside you can also access the cameras using port forwarding at the router. The preferred way depends on the model of camera and how many you have.
From what everyone tells me I don’t want to do port forwarding as it’s not secure and only to do open vpn etc but not sure if this router is capable. Not sure if I can just replace it with my own that has it or if I have to be stuck with the TELUS supplied one. Or if I can add a second router and do passthru on the t3200m
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You can add a second router or VPN appliance "bridged" to port 1 of the t3200. Info  on how to, available  on this forum.