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Why were the copper Internet plans increased by $5, but not the PureFibre plans?

Friendly Neighbour

I just noticed my plan increased by $5. I'm on the Internet 75 package, meaning it costs $105/month at regular price. How come PureFibre plans didn't see the same price increase?


Also, why is the Internet 75 plan $105/month and PureFibre Gigabit Internet $135/month? It doesn't make sense that customers are paying 78% percent of the price of PureFibre Gigabit, but only receiving approximately 7% of the performance.


My biggest issue with the overcharging of the copper Internet plans is that I can't even upgrade to PureFibre. I've been contacting Telus support at least once or twice a year since 2015 to find out when my area will be eligible for PureFibre, and I'm still waiting!!!! I also live in a newer part Edmonton.


While many customers wait for PureFibre availability, Telus is gouging them for being stuck on an inferior connection. This is ridiculous!



@G0tta_be_KD    Jan bill states in feb internet plans will go up 5$ except for internetnet 300 and gigi 1.5 unless your on a rate protected until term ends.

Friendly Neighbour

That's great, but why was there an increase to the copper plans but not the fibre plans?


Why are customers paying so much for an inferior service, when fibre isn't that much more? If Telus could make fibre available to my neighbourhood, I'd switch right away. As mentioned in my post above, I've been inquiring about the fibre availability since about 2015.

@G0tta_be_KD  Sorry i am on FIBER  old plan 25/25 it went up 5$ also.

Friendly Neighbour

What's the regular price of your plan and are you urban or rural?

@G0tta_be_KD     Dec 2021 25/25 on fiber grandfathered was 95$  You can't get he 25 on fiber it is not offered. I contacted loyalty early this month signed a 2 year contract for all my services and i think the 25/25 is now under 60$ Fast enough for us 28 up 29 down constant for last 5 years. If you change internet programs you can't go back. Won't know bill not posted yet.  Internet usage is very little email bills etc. 53 year customer.

Friendly Neighbour

I think $95 is super high for 25/25 Fibre, just like $105 is high for 75/15 copper. I'm not comparing loyalty discounts, because prices will vary. Only regular prices.


Like I said, I'd rather pay for 940/940 fibre for a bit more than my current service, but it's still not available in my area and I've been nagging them about it for about 7 years now.


It's a little frustrating because Shaw customers are able to get fibre in my area, but I'm stuck on a much slower copper connection. I'm trying to stay loyal to Telus but there are times I wonder why do I even bother? Why do they deserve my money? They've broken almost every agreement I've had in place with them over the years. 


In the past I had a perpetual discount that was magically removed (they wouldn't reinstate it). Then I agreed to a deal with someone in loyalties and had everything documented, but ended up being charged $10 more a month than we agreed to. Then there are the price increases every few years for the exact same service.


If their service was improved I could justify paying more, but it's not. It's the exact same service I've been using for the past 5+ years with zero improvements. Telus isn't hurting for profits either. A loss to them is considered less revenue than the previous year. At the end of the day they're still making money, just not as much.

@G0tta_be_KD   Way back i used shaw they were terrible connections a real old coax network lots of down time days sometimes. When telus started sympatico i changed and got 15/15 then faster than shaw finally 25/25 that followed me to fiber. Both of them liked 2$ and 5$ there all the time. We are old do a lot of reading tv is minimum bought a smart tv this xmass a  ruko might cancel our satellite good movies and can get the news yuck on the internet. Loyalty discounts only last so. Hard to follow telus price changes all the time, Polecat

@G0tta_be_KD  I got the fiber because the phone was so bad every rain storm the tecks could not find the source for 5-6 years now crystal clear 25/25 grandfathered and good for enough for us tv is on telus sate. Why the raise in for some programs ???????

Friendly Neighbour

I only have Internet through Telus. I cut everything else because prices kept going up and I didn't use the other services that much.