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Why is TELUS not addressing the issue the migration to Google's webmail has caused with POP3?

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I rely POP for my email. IMAP does not suit my needs at all.

My email account was migrated to Google's webmail on May 5. While I can still send email from my Outlook client, I can no longer receive messages. Each time I speak with a Tier1 tech about the inability to receive mail on my Outlook client since that change, I am told they are aware, of the issue, and to "just try again in 2-3 days." 


The migration to Google’s platform began sometime in March according to TELUS, but here we are in mid-May and I cannot get email via their POP server on my Outlook client because apparently it STILL doesn't work, two months later. So, I can only conclude that this "try in 48-72 hours" is how agents get me off the phone/off the chat, but has absolutely no basis in terms of when the issue might actually be fixed. 


The only other option offered is to speak to Tier 2 support. For which I must pay, though that isn't usually mentioned. Not sure what they can do, will they tell me more about why it doesn't work? Whether it is a widespread issue or only experienced by some users? Will they be to fix my problem? And if all they say is sorry, no can do, how much will that cost me? Well, I can't find out what they might say because I get cut off every time I call as soon as I select the IVR option to pay for the privilege.


What is it going to take? Is TELUS is no longer interested in providing POP and just isn’t telling their customers?


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The outlook data file (with extension pst) contains everything, ie, all your emails, contacts, calendar etc. You can even open an existing pst file without creating an email account and access your emails, contacts & calendar in it. This way you can create a new POP3 account (with new data file) for Telus email by google and still keep all your old emails in a different pst file. This would be the equivalent of keeping your old account.




1. You can keep your old account and create a fresh POP3 account for new telus email. Here you'll select the option of " new outlook data file".

2. Delete your old account and use the existing pst file to create the new account. Everything will remain the same and new emails will be arriving over your existing emails. This would be like your old account never stopped working.

3. Delete old account and use the pst file as stand alone without an account and create a fresh POP3 for new telus account.

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Not replying to this.....just trying to post on this forum but can't find where to start......typical TELUS, make things as difficult as possible then hope you go away....!!

Almost impossible to contact/speak to anyone unless you are prepared to wait an hour or more (even for chatline) I have numerous friends who are experiencing all sort of problems since Telus switched to Google mail. In my case, e-mails simply 'disappear'...some I don't even receive!! Sorry to use this but it is the only way I have found to communicate my anger and frustration with this company. Customer Service??? Hahaha, what a joke!!!


I had a couple of apparently missing messages that turned up in Google's Spam folder even though the sender was in my Contacts list.  It didn't occur to me right away that Google would have regarded them as spam, but when I checked there they were, along with another message that shouldn't have been there (and a lot of genuine spam).  I think the lesson here is to check the spam folder regularly.  

Hope this helps.

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7. Now open "More settings" at the bottom right hand corner.
8. Open the second tab "Outgoing server" and enable "My outgoing server requires authentication".
9. Move on to the last tab "Advanced". Under "incoming server", enable "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL/TLS)". The incoming port should change from "110" to "995" (in Microsoft Windows, if not change it to 995). For Apple MacOS, it might be a different port.


Please see my below posts for rest of the steps...Telus is not allowing me to post more than a couple lines at a time.

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@PCherian ,

  Thanks for the detail. Much appreciated.


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Deleted this text.

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Being new to this I don't know what your message means.  What text is deleted and who is the message being sent to.?  I received an Email referring to this subject and thought it was maybe a reply.  Please explain.  Thank you.

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I've been trying without success to add some text. The message contained nothing of value, but cannot be deleted entirely.


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I want to send a reply but it will have to wait to tomorrow night or Saturday... Just a bit of clarification re. differences in Outlook settings.  Thanks so much for all your help.  It's a great weight coming off my shoulders over worrying about this.


I forgot to put your name on my reply so I don't know if you are notified.  On my original reply under my old user name 121 (now One2One) I did not put your name so I don't know if your were notified that I sent a reply.   I didn't reply sooner to your original post because I had messed up my registration and had to do it again under a altered name.  I am repeating what I sent on my last reply just in case you did not receive it.


I want to send a reply to your instructions but it will have to wait to tomorrow night or Saturday... Just a bit of clarification re. differences in Outlook settings.  Thanks so much for all your help.  It's a great weight coming off my shoulders over worrying about this

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No problem...I did receive all your replies.

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I'm curious as to why you don't think IMAP suits your needs? IMAP can do pretty everything POP does and more.


Instructions for setting up Outlook with Telus gmail can be found here:


I've not migrated yet so I can't confirm the settings work but look at the SMTP settings to confirm the match what you have.



Please stop posting this same thing over multiple threads. If you've nothing to contribute, please don't post and derail a thread. I've over 20 years experience with multiple businesses, servers etc. and started setting up emails with Netscape and Outlook express. I'm pretty sure, I know what I need and what my business clients need and why POP3 suits my clients and to other people. IMAP is the worst protocol, and even Outlook nor Gmail doesn't cope well with IMAP. please look it up. It does suits many, good for them

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I've been working with email since it's been available. I worked with one of the 3 organizations that brought the Internet to Alberta. We quickly switched to IMAP when it became available. The only time we've used POP was on older lab equipment that didn't support IMAP. They are both robust protocols but IMAP is more flexible. Currently using Outlook with IMAP connecting with multiple services without issue.


IMAP can be configured to behave the same as POP while offering additional benefits. I was just trying to help. Sorry if your toes were stepped on.



No Ouch needed. As noted in my previous reply, I have nothing against people using IMAP, if that suits your need. Configuring imap is not the real problem. I'm in a hurry, so few points:


1. IMAP data files are .OST. Cannot be re-used and becomes worthless if you need to re-install or change computers. PST files can be re-used with any POP3 accounts, even if you change emails.

2. Privacy: PST files can be password protected. A lot of businesses also doesn't want their email (Received and/or Sent copies) in the cloud, which can be hacked or get compromised.

3. Gmail has the worst implementation of IMAP protocol. You search for an email, it appears in three different locations creating three copies (generally). You delete an email, it's still there after a few minutes. Drives businesses crazy. Couple of days ago Telus setup one of the business with imap and the secretary, boss, employees were cursing Telus for so much trouble caused by putting IMAP.

4. With PST data file size is very manageable and you know exactly how much space the web server takes. Custom folders stay safe in local computers and doesn't take up web server space. Also, most businesses backup pst files daily (ost is useless), use multiple PST files to archive emails based on months or years or projects and which can be backed up and re-used any time. They don't want these lying in the server. (Also privacy and security). Each pst file can be password protected.

4. PST files can carry over all contacts, Calendar, custom folders, no matter you change providers or move to email account.

5. POP3 interface is clean and easy to understand.

6. Since custom folders stay locally, it doesn't count to the Gmail limit. Businesses that take care of receive more than 15GB of attachments (architecture firms etc.) In IMAP with custom folders, they'll miss many emails month over month, unless somebody creates a different PST (See) and move stuff there. Why this hazzle...if you can setup your email in POP3.

7. Local contacts or calendar are not carried over, hence useless if you've to re-install Office, some times even upgrading Office, changing OS, moving to a different PC.

6. Labels in Gmail doesn't play well with Outlook. Duplicates email all over, search or deleting becomes such a disaster.


As for why IMAP is the worst protocol amongst the four ( OAuth, exchange, POP3 & IMAP ) or even WebDav, google will have enough resources.


Just some points. It's better to maintain physical distancing, especially in this pandemic and cover our mouths with masks. Love and Peace. 😘


PS: Consumers will have different reasons, but most of my points apply to them also. Also, most people, especially older folks who have only used POP for their entire lives, IMAP might be a bit complicated with all its 'All Mail, Inbox, Labels etc, why sent items show as multiple copies (I know), why deleted items are still showing up etc. etc.

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I understand the issues regarding OST vs PST. Most people don't care. They just want their email to work and few understand what's really going on. If there are specific requirements certainly one protocol may be better than the other but generally if I have to choose between POP or IMAP I would use IMAP.


1. OST can be converted to PST

2. OST is relatively safe as physical access is required. If you must you could encrypt your local drive. Hacking accounts has nothing to do with IMAP or POP

3. I have yet to be converted and would prefer not to use Gmail. I may soon be cursing Gmail.

4. OST can be compressed if that's really an issue.

4. See 1.

5. Client issue. Has nothing to do with the protocol.

6. Large attachments/mailboxes are always an issue regardless of protocol. Probably my biggest headache managing email for clients.

7. Again these can be exported.

6. Again currently not  a Gmail user. Of course they don't really want you to use Outlook so no surprise their may be some issues with some of their features.


Good luck getting your POP to work. I hope you get it sorted. I didn't mean for this to be a protocol war. Use what works best for YOUR requirements.






Your questions and my answers should be in reverse order. My explanation was meant for you for understand why businesses and common people might prefer POP3. You seem stubborn & fixated in your ideations and I recon nothing can change your mindset. Let me be clear, I'm just a computer tech, I've no preferences or bias against POP3 or Imap or any other protocol or to any technology advancements. I strive to learn about technologies and try to help others. If they need imap, I set it up for them, if it's POP3, that's it. You're being abruptive without any contribution to this thread, your only intent is to purport  your fixations upon others. I have seen you cut and paste this same thing over and over again in multiple threads. Think, what have your posts contributed to any of the conversations.


If you think i'm so naive as to never considered or done any of your explanations ( which actually doesn't even answer any of my reasons, yes they are my reasons..not questions needing an answer or explanation from you), I've nothing to say. The only valid argument that you postulate is ost can be converted to pst. I would love to see a free tool that does it properly or natively by Outlook, especially when the account is uninstalled, re-installed etc and you're left with a OST file. And any paid one's that will do it properly, without hours being spent to extract, organize and then move them to another PST file.


My job is to help others and guide them, not impose my fixations. If they want POP3, let it be...Move on.


If you need, I've explained setting up POP3 for Telus email in my previous posts. Yes I set it up for multiple clients successfully and IMAP also. I'm trying to setup IMAP & POP3 for older versions of Outlook, so that I can help more people who are stuck with old versions. Why don't you do something that will benefit others??


Peace & Love.


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My apologies. I was simply suggesting that IMAP is more versatile that POP. Certainly if your customers have a specific requirement then that's what they should get.



Thank you so much for all your replies.  You rescued my efforts with migration in permitting me to use my old Outlook file from Microsoft Office 2019 that has 10 plus years of mail stored in it. 


So the question is, will it ever be possible to delete the Telus mail that went to G Mail during the migration?  Yes it sits there and I have used almost 75% of the maximum storage space.  I hate that this mail is on Goggle and I don't trust them one bit. 


I use Firetrust Mailwasher Pro to retreive my mail and from there I can filter what I want to read before opening Microsoft Outlook. 


Appreciate all your fine comments.  I printed the Instruction list out for safe keeping.


Thank you for posting and providing some good information.

I know I'm not alone in having considerable disdain for the way Telus has thrust, yet again, some form of change that has created frustration and hardship on many of its customers without a hint of ownership or solution. Personally, I have about 10hrs with 2.5hrs on the phone with Telus. No Joy!

Did some different searching and wound up here. That prompted some other digging.

For those that stumble upon this, I offer: as a compliment to what may have already been offered here.

Between the above link and PCherian’s post(s), I am up and running as before.

I do not like the idea of my mail being in the possession of others. To that end, I receive my mail on other devices but my PC is main repository. Once there, it is purged from the mail server. I encourage anyone to do the same.


In closing, if you or others are concerned that Telus has moved possession of your information from Canada to the United States. I encourage a complaint the CRTC. Only with enough complaints will they have to take action. It’s clear to me that as Telus is incapable of taking ownership, complaining to Telus will be on deaf ears.



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You do realize Telus has been using Dell for email services for quite some time? Telus has not operated their own mail servers in years. They are migrating to Gmail because Dell caused that huge email outage last year. If you recall Dell is also an American company.


Also do realize that the CRTC only deals with extremely specific things. Internet is not one of them. The CCTS does deal with specific aspects for internet but in this instance they have no ability to do anything. They can't tell an internet provider what services, servers or businesses they can utilize as part of their service.

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