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Why is TELUS not addressing the issue the migration to Google's webmail has caused with POP3?

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I rely POP for my email. IMAP does not suit my needs at all.

My email account was migrated to Google's webmail on May 5. While I can still send email from my Outlook client, I can no longer receive messages. Each time I speak with a Tier1 tech about the inability to receive mail on my Outlook client since that change, I am told they are aware, of the issue, and to "just try again in 2-3 days." 


The migration to Google’s platform began sometime in March according to TELUS, but here we are in mid-May and I cannot get email via their POP server on my Outlook client because apparently it STILL doesn't work, two months later. So, I can only conclude that this "try in 48-72 hours" is how agents get me off the phone/off the chat, but has absolutely no basis in terms of when the issue might actually be fixed. 


The only other option offered is to speak to Tier 2 support. For which I must pay, though that isn't usually mentioned. Not sure what they can do, will they tell me more about why it doesn't work? Whether it is a widespread issue or only experienced by some users? Will they be to fix my problem? And if all they say is sorry, no can do, how much will that cost me? Well, I can't find out what they might say because I get cut off every time I call as soon as I select the IVR option to pay for the privilege.


What is it going to take? Is TELUS is no longer interested in providing POP and just isn’t telling their customers?


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The outlook data file (with extension pst) contains everything, ie, all your emails, contacts, calendar etc. You can even open an existing pst file without creating an email account and access your emails, contacts & calendar in it. This way you can create a new POP3 account (with new data file) for Telus email by google and still keep all your old emails in a different pst file. This would be the equivalent of keeping your old account.




1. You can keep your old account and create a fresh POP3 account for new telus email. Here you'll select the option of " new outlook data file".

2. Delete your old account and use the existing pst file to create the new account. Everything will remain the same and new emails will be arriving over your existing emails. This would be like your old account never stopped working.

3. Delete old account and use the pst file as stand alone without an account and create a fresh POP3 for new telus account.

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If an online customer asks for POP3 settings, I accept their decision and try to provide help. I have successfully setup IMAP and I've provided help in another thread for IMAP settings also. I also have a gmail account, which obviously is IMAP in my Outlook. It's just for all the spam mails.


With business customers, it's their decision, I'm just there to furnish multiple choices, benefits & drawbacks, whether moving (or migrating) to an exchange based email might be a better choice etc. My personal preference is Microsoft hosted emails, which supports Exchange & Exchange activesync.

@Fuzzy Logic


In the absence of providing very personal details of my life circumstances, I thought I’d explained in my original post enough to indicate why POP3 was what I wanted, and needed.  We all have different circumstances in our lives, which changes over time, so we each do what is best to meet our needs, now and for the foreseeable future.


I may have said something to mislead you that sounded like I didn’t know the difference between IMAP and POP3.  To clarify, I was referring to the procedures required in setting up POP3 in Gmail.  I do know exactly what I want to achieve, I just wasn’t sure of all the steps and entries required in setting it up correctly as I have quite limited technical knowledge.  The Telus website information provided, as I mentioned in one of my posts, is for an IMAP set-up in Outlook, and is not what I want. 


I did read your reply to TLS who made the original post.  The link you provided to Gmail support was very helpful, but I was looking for even more advice.


I thank you for taking the time and interest to reply to my post.

Telus seems to be withdrawing support for the SMTP POP incoming mail server. With the SMTP server, emails that you download to outlook are deleted from the server as they are downloaded. The IMAP server would keep the emails on the server so that they have to be manually deleted using a web access application such as Telus Web mail. Yes, Telus says we will be able to continue using Outlook, but not with SMTP.  I suppose the idea is that users may wish to be able to access all emails via multiple computers.  

This makes using a mail program such as outlook very clumsy and potentially rather tedious.

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Community Power User

SMTP is the outgoing mail server.

POP and IMAP are incoming mail servers.

Your use of the terms in your post makes it difficult to understand. Properly set up IMAP services will delete messages from the server from any device you use to connect to the servers there is no need to use Telus Webmail to complete this task - it is managed through the IMAP protocol.


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I have tried repeatedly to reply to your email, on 2 different computers, and the reply keeps being rejected.  I remember PCherian  had trouble trying to post a list of steps and had to send it in pieces.  So, if there is some kind of limit I will try sending parts separate posts.  Here goes..


“Telus says we will be able to continue using Outlook, but not with SMTP”


I am totally confused by your post, and I’m also wondering who at Telus made the above statement and exactly what it means. Hopefully you didn’t mean that Telus and Gmail were perhaps not going to continue supporting/providing POP mail?


Following a recent migration I set up Telus email, through Gmail POP mail, following the instructions posted by PCherian.  For my main computer the procedure and outcome was completely successful.  However….


I have occasionally for an extended period had to use a backup computer, to where I copy the current pst file (Outlook 2010), and have in the past been able to carry on Receiving and Sending Telus email to the same file.  But, with Gmail, while I can now Send successfully, I have not been successful in Receiving mail to this backup computer – will not recognize my username/password.  I have not yet contacted Telus Tech.  Since I’ve selected to ‘save mail on the server until deleted”, it’s not a big concern right now.


Contrary to your post, POP mail will, if you select it, retain copies of your Incoming emails on the server for as long as you state.

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It's not, it's



Whoops...sorry that was a typing error.  I meant  I actually did try the other address on one of the dozens of times I've entered the all the required information to set up this new address and password as I saw it suggested on a Gmail forum somewhere.  



continued reply...


For anyone who doesn’t normally check web mail before downloading to an app. I‘d strongly suggest you do, as Gmail does not function as simply as Telus web mail.  It’s very important that you see what is happening with your emails at Gmail with your POP account.


Gmail has a lot of confusing settings and if not configured the way you want, will add copies of your incoming mail to what they call labels.  There seems no way to turn these off.  You have to train the algorithm as to what should not have extra labels attached to them, by removing them. It seems the easiest way is to delete the label attached to the beginning of the email.   The algorithm is a slow learner.


Also, unlike the Telus server, Gmail server retains copies of the mail Sent from your Outlook app. which POP mail is not usually supposed to do.  So, you will also have to delete these emails if desired in Gmail.  Anything that you delete inside Gmail apparently will be automatically deleted in 30 days, but there is no similar message for any other location of email (i.e. Gmail labels like updates etc.)


I used Telus web mail to screen/delete mails only, before downloading to Outlook, so while I am still at the “trial and error” stage, to prevent Gmail from redirecting some incoming mail to its own labels (and not showing in ‘Inbox’) I have had to set Inbox as Default in ‘Settings’. 



With imap can you save the data file if you need to import it to a new computer as you can with POP? That’s the big reason I am finding with imap.



I use Thunderbird as my email program on my PC. It saves all email locally on the hard drive. It mirrors what is stored in Gmail. I use the Gmail app and Google Calendar app on my iPhone. 

@RonAKA We discussed successfully using Tbird on another thread, but I have questions about IMAP mirroring. 


Using POP, I have a set of filters that run on my incoming mail and sort messages into folders.  If I want to use those filters in a new Tbird POP account, I assume I will have to create the folders in Tbird on my PC in advance of downloading any mail.  Is that right? 


Alternatively, if I create an IMAP account in Tbird and still want to apply the filters to the mail I download to my PC, will I also need to create those folders on the Google Mail server so that my actions can be mirrored?  


Sorry to shift topics here, but I wanted to catch your attention on a thread you are following. 

First off, I have never attempted to sort email based on filters in Thunderbird, so I don't know if it even has that capability. If it does then what I would expect to happen is that Thunderbird would direct your email into folders and then those changes would be mirrored to Gmail. 


Another thing to consider is that Gmail has both labels and category tabs. Labels are kind of like folders, but you can assign more than one label to a single email. A single email can reside in more than one "folder". I don't know what Thunderbird would do about that. So far, my folders in Thunderbird match those in Gmail. Categories are more like folders and it appears they are typically used to sort email by type. Again I have not tried to use them. I don't really use the PC browser version of Gmail and only use the iPhone app version of Gmail. It appears to be less capable than the browser version, and I am not even sure it supports categories. 


Based on what I have done so far, when you create folders in Thunderbird, then Gmail creates a label to match it. That is about as complex as I have gone. I assume the reverse would work too, like create a label in Gmail and have it appear as a folder in Thunderbird.


Keep in mind that when you get Googled by Telus they will create whatever folders you have in Telus WebMail as far as I know. I essentially never used Telus Webmail so I don't know for sure. I did all my email organization in Thunderbird, and prior to that in Outlook. 


Hope that helps?



I just noticed your reference to a new POP3 account in Thunderbird. Based on what I read in the posts here, there are significant issues with trying to create a new POP3 account with the new Google Mail. I have only set up a new IMAP account. At one point I thought I might be able to just change my existing Telus POP3 account to a new IMAP Google account and not have to create a new account with a new set of folders. I found one reference in Thunderbird information which said that is impossible to do. I never attempted it, not did I attempt to create a new POP3 account. 

It's the "and more" part that I don't want.  I don't want or need synchronization.  I prefer moving mail from webmail when I choose, then deleting it from webmail. I don't want to open it on my phone.

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I've just "gone through" the switchover.


My Telus email account was IMAP, but using two 'accounts/one address' through Mozilla Thunderbird I had it set up for retrieving as both POP3 and IMAP... simples.


Now, going into the Telus Gmail portal as if it's webmail, I've enabled BOTH the POP and IMAP functions by selecting the tab 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP.


My PC's Thunderbird likes it... though for some reason, neither T'bird nor Gmail will accept the more secure 'OAuth2' for authentication... and I have to stay with T'bird being called insecure third-party software.

At the following link:

... they claim that getting Google to accept Thunderbird's OAuth is a fairly simple trick. I don't have Thunderbird, so unfortunately I can't test it.

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I had a similar problem - SMTP sending worked but POP downloading would not work. For what it is worth, the Outlook 2003 "test settings" passed but it gave errors every time it tried to download in real life. I waited on hold then worked with a regular Telus tech and then got upgraded to an expert tech. After extensive verification of the settings I had put in place on GMail via the browser and in Outlook he did find a solution: disable IPv6 in network settings. For whatever reason Outlook, and IPv6 were not happy to work together. With IPv6 unchecked (not enabled) my old Outlook 2003 pop/smtp email is working again.


@TLS  I hope you have solved your problems with POP3 set up.  I have posted my various efforts in this thread. 

Here is my final success story. My first advice to anyone who has not started the set-up, do not set-up IMAP using your preferred data file if you know you will change to POP3.  I thought I'd succeeded in setting up POP3 as my other posts describe.

 I had set up IMAP to use my main .pst data file. Adding another profile meant they couldn’t both use that file.  Settings would not allow me to move to a different file. Had to go all sorts of different ways. Constantly googling of assorted error messages.

I created a restore point, deleted IMAP profile then restored to see if I could get back in case it ended up as my only option. That worked. So I deleted that profile. Then I tried to change settings to direct my POP profile to save in my main Data  .pst file. Outlook still kept trying to open using IMAP.

Control panel has another Outlook set up screen. Went that way and found IMAP still there!  Remove. Restart. Returned to google account and changed another small option in the IMAP/POP tab about downloading all emails. I closed my Gmail account because change doesn’t take effect until logged off.

Retried Outlook. Another error message. Back to settings to make another change. I think- hard to tell - that some of the options in settings revert to default at the slightest change.  And so it went. Finally I have just one profile in Outlook that saves to into my one data .pst file and is not synchronizing to Gmail or anything else.

My tips, create a restore point, use control panel for changes to settings and follow up on all error messages. I took pics of them so I could correctly search, some were three lines long!  It is so annoying that copy/paste doesn’t work with error messages. 

It is probably obvious that I'm untrained, never had a job with computers but was an early adopter and self taught since my first email account in 1993. Don't give up, keep following the leads and yes, sometimes (only sometimes 😜) the error was mine.



Transitioned from Telus POP3 email to gmail. Successfully logged into web email and changed password etc. Logged out and back in to ensure I had access with the new password. Now trying to configure Outlook 2010


Followed the instructions on page one of this thread By PCherian including ** Enable "POP3" in gmail settings (webmail interface) and 
** Enable "Access for less secure apps" in gmail account, under Security. 


My challenge is that when I use the Test account button, a popup continually askes for my password. It won't accept the password that works for my web access. The message is:

Log onto incoming mail server (POP3): Your e-mail server rejected your login. Verify your user name and password for this account in Account Settings. The server responded: -ERR [AUTH] Username and password not accepted.


The username is my name before the @ symbol, and my password is correct (copied out of notepad- no extra hidden char)


Anyone help me with this?

@Artiecon  I had this too.  Sorry I didn't write the steps but a couple of thoughts. 

In more settings -> outgoing check My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and check  "Use same setting as my incoming".

If that's okay you said changed to POP in your Google account, the settings 'gear' icon,-> all settings -> forwarding and POP.... did you choose POP AND uncheck the IMAP default settings. And then log out. It doesn't work if your still ogged in even though you've applied the change.

The other gmail catch was in Security that infers Outlook is unsafe apparently. And you've done that too.  Repeating here in case others need the reminder.

Hope this helps