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Why is TELUS not addressing the issue the migration to Google's webmail has caused with POP3?

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I rely POP for my email. IMAP does not suit my needs at all.

My email account was migrated to Google's webmail on May 5. While I can still send email from my Outlook client, I can no longer receive messages. Each time I speak with a Tier1 tech about the inability to receive mail on my Outlook client since that change, I am told they are aware, of the issue, and to "just try again in 2-3 days." 


The migration to Google’s platform began sometime in March according to TELUS, but here we are in mid-May and I cannot get email via their POP server on my Outlook client because apparently it STILL doesn't work, two months later. So, I can only conclude that this "try in 48-72 hours" is how agents get me off the phone/off the chat, but has absolutely no basis in terms of when the issue might actually be fixed. 


The only other option offered is to speak to Tier 2 support. For which I must pay, though that isn't usually mentioned. Not sure what they can do, will they tell me more about why it doesn't work? Whether it is a widespread issue or only experienced by some users? Will they be to fix my problem? And if all they say is sorry, no can do, how much will that cost me? Well, I can't find out what they might say because I get cut off every time I call as soon as I select the IVR option to pay for the privilege.


What is it going to take? Is TELUS is no longer interested in providing POP and just isn’t telling their customers?


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Possibly this information will help:


I'm not on gmail so I can't confirm if these settings work with the Telus mailboxes.

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I have never posted on a forum before, or anything else for that matter, so please bear with a very senior oldie.  I am wondering if you found a resolution to your problem.  I also use POP 3 which allows me to check Telus web mail, read and delete where desired, then download into Outlook 2010 to reply and save messages to files.  The Outlook is permanently set to offline and emails are sent and received manually, not automatically.  The settings with the Telus server allows me to save emails for a certain period of time on the server (14 days in my case) before deleting.  I don't have a cellphone, just a laptop and computer.  The Telus email is for more confidential email that I don't want left on a server anywhere, especially with Google.


Did you, or Telus, resolve the problem of not being able to receive your mail into Outlook?    I certainly don't have the ability to deal with what you have been going through so am postponing the change hoping the problem will get fixed, although I would like to get it over with.  Forum Posts would be more helpful if they had an actual date but it sounds like you posted this maybe about 6 weeks ago so I'm hoping the problem is resolved.

When you created the settings in Outlook did you chose POP 3 instead of IMAP as they instruct for the new setup, and do you usually check on web- mail first, or do you just automatically receive mail in Outlook and so there would be nothing left on the Telus server?

Any advice you can offer would be very much appreciated.  This is all very confusing for me. (so is the forum).  I Just signed up and viewed your post but same user name and p/w rejected on a different browser, so if you reply I hope I can find it.

I am looking for an ISP that is capable of supplying what we require. We require the use of POP email servers, and we need to have access to fixed IP addresses here at home to connect to our own servers, and to mechanize our own email on our own domains.


Is there an ISP out there that we can contract that can deliver either by fibre or by cable into our home.


The Telus people need to be told that any proposal involving "THE CLOUD" or Google, or MicroSoft monopolies is "dead on arrival. We most certainly sall be leaving them as soon as we find a technical answer that is satisfactory.


The email POP servers work just fine with OUTLOOK, and other software packages. We will NOT agree to placing our emails into "the cloud" for Google to exploit and which become inaccessible. 


Looking for responses.

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If you are a corporate entity, you can purchase a Telus Business Account, which has static IP addresses, you can then run your own mail servers using POP if you wish. Alternatively, you can purchase email services from a number of suppliers who should be able to offer POP email.


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By definition anything that is not run on a local (your own) server is considered 'The Cloud'. If you wish to avoid email in 'The Cloud' you will need to install and run your own mail server.


As mentioned if you require a static IP and want to run your own servers you will require a business account from Telus or another ISP of your choosing.


For more information on Google and privacy you may wish to revue this forum thread:


Google Scanning the Content of Emails - TELUS Neighbourhood


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POP3 settings for email powered by Gmail

POP3 settings (for Outlook 2019, should be similar for older versions). These are the settings that helped me.

** If you're already using pop3 for telus email, make sure to locate your existing outlook data file (with extension pst). By default, it should be in "My Documents--> Outlook files" folder.
** Enable "POP3" in gmail settings (webmail interface)
** Enable "Access for less secure apps" in gmail account, under Security (

1. Go to Control Panel, Mail, Email accounts.
2. Click "new", select " Manual setup", "Next".
3. Select "POP or IMAP", which should open the POP3 settings. Make sure "account type" is "POP3" and not IMAP.
4. Fill out all information, "user name" is your telus email.
5. Incoming mail server: POP.GMAIL.COM and "outgoing mail server: SMTP.GMAIL.COM
6. If you want to use "existing Outlook data file", click "Browse" and select the old .pst file (this will make sure all your old emails, custom folders, contacts and calendar are not lost). If this is your first time setting up POP3, choose "New outlook data file".


Continued below........



I very much appreciate how much effort you have made to try to help me through this and it has made me realize why all the multi pages of information regarding the Telus conversion on their website, that I gathered and printed,  had little to do with what I wanted to achieve.  Only the part about using IMAP to set Telus webmail up in Google Mail was applicable, but the instructions for setting up for Outlook were only for IMAP, not POP and I didn’t fully understand the difference.  


Most helpful was when you mentioned connecting to the existing  pst file although your Outlook version seems to be very slightly different  in setting up tabs etc.


 My Outlook currently has Outgoing mail using port 587 (It is currently set for Incoming as port 995 – not that I know anything about the significance of ports).


 In reading about trouble-shooting Gmail to Outlook, it mentions passwords and it  got me confused.  I use a different password to open my Telus web mail than to open my Outlook 2010 and when Gmail is being set up it says the password has to be changed (web mail).  First of all I really don’t want to change my Telus webmail password, and I am wondering if I should also remove the password  from Outlook till the conversion is complete because it sounds like there’s a possibility of not being able to open Outlook because of the password.  Seems I could only do this by leaving a new password entry box blank as there is no option to just remove it.


I’m still trying to put some of it together so wondered if you could confirm the following for me.


Have you successfully set up Pop service between Gmail and Outlook for your Telus email?


Do you have an option in your Outlook version for saving to the Gmail server for a period of time, and do you use it?


Did you have any problems to iron out or did it work first try?


There is a lot of important stuff in my pst file that I am afraid of losing so I am trying to make sure I don’t mess this up.  It’s also my memory since I no longer have one that works very well.


Hope you don’t mind my imposing of your helpfulness a bit more.

PS - messed up my Neighborhood sign-up so had to do it again.  name 121 is now One2One

POP3 settings (Not IMAP) for email powered by Gmail (continued from previous posts)

10. In 'Outgoing server', make sure <auto> is selected (drop down menu) as the encryption for "Use the following type of encrypted connection" and change the port to 587 from 25

11. Change the number of days for messages to be left in server (Gmail) if needed or you can opt to (un-tick) leave all messages in Gmail (web mail) also.If opting to leave all messages, make sure to open web mail periodically and delete unwanted messages or eventually you might run out of the 15GB allocated space and will stop receiving new emails with no warning in "Outlook". Click "OK", which will take you back to settings.

12. Click TEST ACCOUNT SETTINGS and make sure both tests are completed with no error messages. For previous versions of Outlook or similar third party programs, play with the security settings for each port under "Advanced" tab. If no error messages, click "Next" and "Finish". 

Some tips:

For "Advanced" tab, if the options are not the same (like select SSL only for incoming port and SSL or TLS only or both for "Outgoing port". Always make sure the Outgoing port is changed back to 587 from the default 25


Hi! I don't know if you are still monitoring this thread but first, thank you for posting the POP3 set up steps for the Telus mail transition to Google / Gmail.  One question, did you delete your existing Telus POP3 account in Outlook before adding the new account settings, or after?  I am assuming you added the new account settings to connect to Gmail and then deleted the old, now defunct account.  But, if you deleted the old account settings first, please advise.  Thank you.

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  Are you referencing the posts by @PCherian ? If so, this note should catch his attention.


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Yes! I was hoping my question would reach @PCherian !  Thx ..



I’m not PCherian who posted the steps to set up POP mail in Gmail for Outlook, but I followed the steps provided.  I used the Change Tab in Outlook Account Settings to alter the existing Telus account information that needed to be changed – incoming and outgoing email addresses, new password (as required when setting up Gmail account first), and the rest of the steps as posted.  I was successful on my main laptop computer to send and receive Gmail to Outlook, but not on a backup desktop computer.  It will not accept the username and password.  Reason still unknown.


Thank you for including the steps you followed. 


That is very helpful.  Hopefully updating the account settings will work for me as well.  Luckily I am not migrating until mid-Sept so have some time to figure it out.    


However, you aren't the first person I've heard where they can not ever seem to get Outlook on laptop/desktop to connect/recognize Gmail and download successfully.  A retired Telus employee hasn't been able to do it!  Very frustrating.  Nonetheless, I really appreciate your reply.

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Creating a new POP3 account would be better and use the old email file to setup the new one. As an extra caution, you can copy the file to another location also. Two email accounts cannot use the same file at the same time in the same profile (you can create different profiles and keep the old account also), so I would delete the old account before creating the new account.


From my steps:

** If you're already using pop3 for telus email, make sure to locate your existing outlook data file (with extension pst). By default, it should be in "My Documents--> Outlook files" folder.

6. If you want to use "existing Outlook data file", click "Browse" and select the old .pst file (this will make sure all your old emails, custom folders, contacts and calendar are not lost). If this is your first time setting up POP3, choose "New outlook data file".



The outlook data file (with extension pst) contains everything, ie, all your emails, contacts, calendar etc. You can even open an existing pst file without creating an email account and access your emails, contacts & calendar in it. This way you can create a new POP3 account (with new data file) for Telus email by google and still keep all your old emails in a different pst file. This would be the equivalent of keeping your old account.




1. You can keep your old account and create a fresh POP3 account for new telus email. Here you'll select the option of " new outlook data file".

2. Delete your old account and use the existing pst file to create the new account. Everything will remain the same and new emails will be arriving over your existing emails. This would be like your old account never stopped working.

3. Delete old account and use the pst file as stand alone without an account and create a fresh POP3 for new telus account.

Hi @PCherian !


Just wanted to say Thank you for your two subsequent posts and clarifications  -- Good to know there are options!  I have a path forward now.  Just hope it all works out.


Cheers -

For: PCherian

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So happy I found your post. My new IMAP/GMAIL now working like before with Outlook, Pop3 & PST.
One email account converted and 3 more to go.   Thanks to your easy instructions.


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I'm not able to post the complete steps, I might try tomorrow. Maybe I just registered today