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Why does Sonos hate Boost?


Recently switched over to a single wifi network in my house. Boost does it all now and it is awesome...except for Sonos.

Sonos hates the Boost setup. It keeps disconnecting, and the app throws the error that there is not enough bandwidth to stream. 


I've tested and I get great signal on all the boosts and in the areas of the sonos I have great download and upload speeds. I'm on 750/750 and wifi is strong, so there should be no issues. Yet there are. If I plug one Sonos into ethernet, there are no issues anymore.  Unfortunately, I don't have ethernet near where I want the Sonos.


All of this ran flawlessly on the actiontec with no repeater in the house. So it should be rock solid on boost.


I turned off 2.4G on the actiontec, and now only 5G is running on it. So I don't think the 2.4G is fighting. Any guidance?



I've seen this issue multiple times with Sonos and Boost networks. The only fix I've found is to not have a Boost pod so close to the Sonos device that is the main connection to the WiFI. I've seen this both be a soundbar and a sub woofer. Moving the Boost pod further away from the Sonos device seems to fix the issue even if it's just on the other side of the room.

I'd heard that.  All the Sonos are at least across a room from a boost pod. Is there any way to figure out which would be the main connection to wifi? I have 3 play 1's and a play 5.  From what you are saying I assume one is the main wifi connection and the others are all connected on sonosnet (which is not visible to user)?

Do you have one of those Sonos router looking things that came with the speakers or are they all just standalone devices? For my buddy's place it was both the subwoofer being too close and needing to hard wire the Sonos hub via cat5 instead of having it all on WiFi that fixed the issue.