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Webmail/Telus email is currently down.


Just a heads up - our webmail is down at the moment. The queues are very high. Please be patient! We are working on it! So sorry for the inconvenience!

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Yet again this morning the POP3 server continues to respond "Internal server error to every 5th or 6th login attempt. Obviously Telus does not care. They promised me a call back from tech support on the issue early this morning. Guess what... no call.


Does Shaw have any good deals for internet and email these days?

Hi @MrE Have you seen the private message I have sent your way? 

I'm baffled about this.  I see people talking about leaving Telus for Shaw, etc.  What makes you think that your ISP is going to get better with regards to email?  I have had more issues with Shaw mail than I've ever had with Telus mail, even with the major screwup they just did.  Years ago, the most important lesson that I learned, was to NEVER trust the ISP email services.  Always use a 3rd party for your main email and just forward your ISP mail to those accounts.  Use gmail, yahoo, hotmail, livemail, etc.  Or if you are more security minded, then use Protonmail, Countermail, hushmail, etc, as your primary email address and skip the ISP mail servers altogether.  Let the ISP provide internet access, and don't use the substandard services that come along with it.


I can assure you that a dedicated email provider does just that and focuses on making that experience "dial tone" and dead reliable.

Oooops-expired cerificate problem is back again today. Problem started Monday afternoon, then was fixed by Eednesday afternoon, and now back again. Come on Telus 😞

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It is NOT resolved.

I fixed the security certificate problem on my computers by changing Connection Security in Thunderbird from STARTTLS to SSL/TLS. Hope this helps someone.

So now approaching a month into this situation, our email account is STILL not operational. I've given up on accessing through Outlook for the time being. Using the recommended direct web brower webmail approach is VERY slow and sporadic, and most attempts to do anything result in a variety of server timeout or cryptic Java error messages. The error messages have an option to send the error report to telus, which I do. Not apparent that this does any good.


We got a telus email a week ago saying that the recovery was complete for our account, but in reality the problems persist. Calls to tech support are of little help, but at least have been able to confirm as of Tuesday pm saying that the ongoing webmail problems are known and still being worked on, and NOT a problem on our end. On the occasions that I am able to connect in some manner webmail, I see a new Recovery2019 folder in my folder list. No mention of this folder or what's in it on the telus pages and forums, and a phone tech support agent was pretty vague about what it was and what was in it. Seems to have some but not all historical emails.


The expired certificate problem Tuesday was a totally independent (and highly avoidable problem), and was quickly fixed by telus. But unfortunately the various online telus outage updates are so vague and nebulous to be of no value. Yes a problem was fixed, but since this problem was a red herring and had nothing to do with the underlying ongoing email account corruption debacle, the updates should have been much clearer about this. The webmail problems are ongoing for at least some clients, and the only way for a user to determine this is to log in day after day, and bang your head against the wall.


Telus advises that our account is one of the less than 1% of their clients who are still affected. Small comfort indeed! I have no reason to give that number any credence. And there has been no communications about any compensation despite the public statements to the contrary.


All those years of Telus spend and focus on superior customer support and service, and which had real traction, are now out the window. No doubt this debacle will be a case study for various courses on IT infrastructure, customer service, risk and crisis management.   

@ Alberta Customer,  Excellent summary, and I agree with your concluding paragraph.

I'm in Red Deer and we have been functional in send and receive for 3 weeks but there still glitches and error messages, can't seem to empty the spam folder in telus online webmail, seems that unwanted items in inbox have to be deleted twice to make them go away. Outlook, which we normally use, opens and functions but for 3 weeks it shows scrolling through 40 or so items then shows a send/receive error and the dialogue box that appears says POP3 internal server error and has responded with: ERR No such blob, then lists a mailbox number, an item number and change number. The numbers don't seem to change, always the same item number.

It would be helpful if telus could post a tutorial on here to help with resetting outlook and other client systems and what numbers and information will be needed without having to go through the call in tech support, I suspect they are a bit busy. 

Anyone on here familiar with this process and will to share some advice??? I have tried using the Outlook setup wizard but have had no success so far.


Further to my previous note, my advice to people (like me) with problems still remaining with their emails:


1) call Telus internet tech support, and have them confirm that your specific email address is among the group still with known problems.


2) if your email is NOT in the known problem group, then perhaps it is worth trying to get Outlook or your other email package to work with and synch with Telus. But FIRST see if you can get Telus Webmail to work ok (responsive, no error messages, you can delete emails, etc). If you can't even get Webmail to work ok, then IMHO don't waste your time trying to rebuild or reset Outlook or whatever. Problems with Webmail mean that your email info within Telus is still screwed up, and you need to get back to Tech support and let them know that your email is still screwed up (despite their info to you saying it's corrected), and your evidence is that Webmail doesn't work.


3) if your email IS in the problem group known to Telus, and still not fixed, tech support has told me that while their recovery efforts are ongoing, even Webmail will NOT work correctly most of the time. Excruciatingly slow, you may or may not even be able to log in, incoming emails may show up many hours after they were sent to you, you might be able to delete individual emails but not a group of more than 2-3, you will get a weird error when you try to empty the Trash folder, and so on. If this is still the situation, do the best you can via the buggy Webmail, but don't waste your time further by trying to rebuild or reset Outlook or whatever email package you may be using. You have little choice but to limp along as best you can until this is fixed.


4) Only once Webmail is working properly, only THEN is it worth spending time to get access via Outlook (or whatever) checked out and working.


This is all my conjecture, and YMMV. But it's the sort of more useful and detailed guidance that Telus should be providing clients, rather than the "we are working real hard" and the problems "should be fixed real soon" platitudes that we have been hearing week after week.


Given how long this has gone on, I'm a bit puzzled at the lack of media followup on the initial stories from the initial event in mid-August.


Thursday 10 am and I've just tried 3 times to log into Webmail without success. 10 minutes later and the Webmail  page still just shows " loading ..." .  




I'm getting " A network service error has occurred." right now, anybody else having issues logging in?  This is ridiculous...

Helpful Neighbour
Thought we had it beat last night after 5 sessions over past week not this morning we are back where we started. Pop up telling us to enter a password that never goes away. Hubby is heading over to Shaw today and that will move all our cable,phone,internet etc. Time to consider Apple Tv plus and other streaming options.Been with " BC Tel " since 1970 but this whole mess is the end of the road.

Clearly, Telus still does not have a handle on restoring Telus email to full functionality. This morning, I was unable to access email via either pop3 or telus webmail. The former kept timeing out and the latter refused to load. About an hour later, pop3 was able to access email but downloaded at slower than a snail's pace while Telus webmail loaded but was not functional. frozen. Another hour and both appear to be operational again.


This is becoming a daily occurrence and it is completely unacceptable. For me, it has reached the point where the pablum like posts from ET designed to assure customers that all will be well are far more irritating than they are comforting. It is far past the time when Telus should have fixed this problem once and for all. Instead, what we get are additional and preventable issues such as expired certificates.

Friendly Neighbour

Yes, have had it for days. Hoping it would go away. Trying to find out how to fix it. Any ideas anyone.

Is anyone else still getting intermittent rejected logins for POP3 ? This still happens to me several times each day.




After prompting from @ET in a private message I contacted telus support yet again last week spending almost a hour on hold and being transferred around. Telus said they understood are working on it, promising a call back the next morning. I never received any call and the problem persists. 



I have AGAIN same problems with wrong certificate for email: what's going on?!?!

@katbel78 wrote:

I have AGAIN same problems with wrong certificate for email: what's going on?!?!

i'm adding both webmail and Apple Mail and I use IMAP 

Hi MrE,


By the way, I find your posts generally very informative.


It has been 3 weeks since I posted here, but my issues remain the same.

Anyway, to answer your question no, that particular error is rare for me now.

Here all of mine since this issue started:


POP3 (receive):

2019-08-08 14:55:51.839425 ... -ERR LOGIN failed
2019-08-09 14:31:28.816073 ... -ERR LOGIN failed
2019-08-11 18:59:54.616298 ... -ERR LOGIN failed
2019-08-12 16:39:28.389969 ... -ERR LOGIN failed
2019-08-18 13:56:33.124541 ... -ERR LOGIN failed
2019-08-18 13:56:48.962321 ... -ERR LOGIN failed
2019-08-18 16:25:36.775556 ... -ERR LOGIN failed
2019-08-18 16:25:50.091978 ... -ERR LOGIN failed
2019-08-19 23:56:34.277566 ... -ERR LOGIN failed
2019-08-26 10:17:53.236079 ... -ERR LOGIN failed

2019-08-31 15:08:35.299271 ... -ERR system failure: unable to lookup account via query:...  message: LDAP error:  - unable to get connection: ldap host=: An I/O error occurred while trying to read the response from the server: Connection reset

I know I have had the LDAP error at least twice, and do not know why they all are not in my logs.

2019-08-16 17:07:15.948468 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-16 17:07:27.959288 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-16 17:07:44.149886 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-16 17:15:25.738222 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-16 17:15:30.280269 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-16 17:49:56.213860 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-16 17:50:05.830040 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-16 18:20:03.286617 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-16 21:51:12.184197 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-16 23:01:52.421506 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-16 23:01:57.097358 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-17 07:28:56.755172 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-17 07:29:00.167831 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-17 08:40:46.192335 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-17 09:45:35.006656 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-17 11:41:43.123806 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-17 11:41:47.436285 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-17 14:30:05.978361 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-17 14:30:08.942295 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-17 22:12:42.149489 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-17 22:12:46.022813 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-17 23:12:03.823884 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-17 23:12:07.215026 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-18 00:08:08.424196 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-18 00:08:14.854433 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-18 01:16:25.702022 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-18 01:16:36.399135 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-18 08:40:46.187226 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-08-29 23:02:10.384180 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-09-05 19:59:27.459243 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-09-07 20:13:17.714202 ... -ERR internal server error
2019-09-14 10:16:31.279269 ... -ERR internal server error

There are simply too many of these to list them all (up from 10 3 weeks ago):

2019-09-16 10:29:09.436512 ...-ERR deleted 0/20 message(s)

For SMTP (send): I do not think there has been an issue since this:


2019-08-16 23:05:14.733500 ... cmsmtp ESMTP server temporarily not available




I use Thunderbird, which has not been generating these error messages with POP3. However, I continue to experience timeouts, after which nothing happens. Sometimes, after a timeout, a message will download if I click "Get Messages" again.  In all cases the procedure is very slow, especially if there is more than one message to download.



With outlook I can turn off the requester so I don't see the failed logins. I suspect many other people are having the POP3 problems but are just not aware of it. I leave the requester enabled so I can tell the difference between not having any clients contacting me and having emails waiting but being unable to retrieve them. An important distinction. 


BTW I also experience the long delays in retrieving mail and Yesterday for several hours AVG complained about expired certificates. The certificate problem has gone away this morning.


@ET  Could you please forward my disappointment to Telus for making promises to call me (and others) back and failing to follow through.  


Away for a couple of weeks during which webmail worked OK. On my home PC using SeaMonkey, of three email accounts with Telus two seem to work OK while the third (my primary) gives the error The RETR command did not succeed. Error retrieving a message. Mail server responded: No such blob: mailbox=19015, item=11939, change=26166

It's pretty apparent from events over the past month+ that Telus does not regard their email service as a key service. Problems still not resolved, communications and updates infrequent, vague, and worthless. Well past time for us to transfer our emails over to another service, and this is underway. Assuming that you can log into your Telus email account by Telus Webmail. you can readily set up for all incoming emails to also be forwarded to another email address (we use gmail). Our experience is that incoming emails to the Telus email are almost immediately forwarded to this alternate email account, so good. The email also still resides in the Telus email account as well, for what it is worth. So at least you get prompt notification of new stuff. We reply from our gmail account, and request that all future correspondence occur directly with our gmail account. Over time as we get people transferred over, we can ultimately phase out our Telus email account.


Access to historical info in our Telus email account is more problematic. We can now more reliably log into the account via Webmail, and it is faster and less likely to time out, but anytime we try and do anything like delete emails or whatever, Webmail reports a network error. Although Telus now reports less than ,5% of accounts still have problems, we seem to be part of that lucky .5%. In Webmail we still see a folder with the strange name Recovery2019, but no one can tell us what this is. Telus tech support wait time is currently running over an hour, and once you finally do get through they are unable to really say much other than "how hard this is being worked on", and it should be fixed "real soon". Until we get Webmail access working reliably, we consider it pointless to try and get our desktop PC Outlook assess to Telus email IMAP working. 


We received a Telus email weeks ago stating that the account had been fixed, but this email was clearly wrong. Tech support in the following weeks confirmed that our email was still on the list as a problem. We have NEVER been contacted by phone, email, etc about our situation or any compensation. (We still do get sales calls trying to sell us on new or upgraded services, contract extension, etc - ARE YOU KIDDING ME ??!!!)


I do note that our August bill shows a strange "Student Discount" credit to totally offset the internet portion of our bill (we also have landline phone, TV, and mobile services and are still billed as usual for those. I can only assume that Student Discount is a means by which to acknowledge the email problem and zero our bill. YMMV !!!


I hope that others may find something within these comments that may be of assistance to them. Clearly we are all on our own.