Webmail/Telus email is currently down.

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Webmail/Telus email is currently down.

Just a heads up - our webmail is down at the moment. The queues are very high. Please be patient! We are working on it! So sorry for the inconvenience!

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I know you are trying to help but scaring people about POP3 is may not be helpful. Setting up POP3 should only takes only one or two minutes even for a novice user.

There is no problem having both POP3 and IMAP on the same device. The confusion happens when you use them both on the SAME EMAIL ACCOUNT. Even then it is not causing problems but can be confusing about what happens when you do it. POP3 removes the Emails from your server (telus) and puts them on your device. IMAP leaves the email on the server (telus) and only has subject lines and/or temporary copies on your device. After this fiasco I think everyone should now understand why it is much preferable to keep your emails on your own device rather than trust Telus to store them and let you access them when you need. 

IMHO anyone using Email for business or other important matters should use POP3 for primary email service and then auto forwarding (with filtering if you know how) to send a copy to an IMAP account if you want access from several devices. Then even when telus goes down you can access any emails you have already received. I understand this might not be convenient for everyone but takes back some control from Big Brother.

Not scaring anyone just related my experience with the pop and map. They can do what ever they want. Good luck. Polecat

@MrEand @polecat 


I think that people who read both of your posts will come away better informed on this issue.

I haven't been able to download POP3 on my desktop since Aug. 15 (now Sept. 9). It currently says

"Downloading Messages 4,520 of 20,687"!!!   


New problem today on desktop, laptop and iPhone:  security certificates for Telus have expired and this affects IMAP and webmail and webmail2.


On desktop and laptop and iPhone when trying webmail and webmail2:  

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from webmail.telus.net (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).


On desktop and laptop and iPhone when trying IMAP:

Mail cannot verify the identity of the server of "imap.telus.net":  The certificate for this server is invalid.  You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be "imap.telus.net" which could put your confidential information at risk.


Anybody else have this certificate problem today?

Friendly Neighbour

I'm getting this on webmail. telus. net:

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from webmail. telus. net (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more

Also my telus. net email account which is usually accessed without issue thru Thunderbird is repeatedly bringing up a popup windows in the last couple of hours about creating a security exception saying a certificate has expired for imap.telus.net:993 as of today. Couldn't find a new server setting on the Telus site to fix it if that's the problem.
So no email access again and no idea how to fix the eternal popup issue either. Very frustrating.

I have gotten that pop-up too, starting this afternoon! Mine was for imap.telus.net:143. Tried to change it (according to an old post on this forum from last year) to 993, using my phone as I cannot access the settings on my desktop. Stupid pop-up won't go away! I hung on the Telus customer service line for 40 minutes and then found this site and see that I am not alone (yay!), so will wait to see what happens, I guess. 

The webmail. telus. net website no longer has the 'danger Will Robinson' message on it so I am able to log in to my email that way at least.

As for the eternal popup issue, I also tried changing the port number but for the outgoing messages - from 587 to 465 - which did nothing to solve the problem so rather than clicking the cancel button on the popup window forever (you have to click cancel on it numerous times to get it to close and even then it's temporary and will come back again to haunt you) I clicked the other button to the left of the cancel button on the popup to create or accept the certificate exception and the popup is now gone. Hurray and good riddance. I assume that if the certificate did indeed expire today then Telus would be issuing an update to the server settings for IMAP and POP soon but in the meantime having Thunderbird popup free and able to access my email again is what I have for now. 🙂

And with the popup gone my emails are coming thru to my telus. net email address again. Double hurray!

The certificate error seems to be wide spread. A friend in winnipeg is having the same problem.  Her comment "Glad I have Gmail to use".


Interesting to note although the problem has been going on for hours the Telus outage page does not mention it. They claim the  only outage for today is Edson AB. I guess Telus is just part of the "Fake News" conspiracy. 😉







Friendly Neighbour

The certificate that expired today apparently was in effect from Sept 9 2014 (based on the info I remember from the popup about it) so you'd think that in those five years there would be a new one ready to go ahead of time, the info posted online for users to apply to their accounts instead of surprise popups and no support for dealing with them. Makes no sense to me.

I emailed Telus to ask if the server settings had changed since there is no new information on the website in the section walking customers thru how to set up their email accounts on various email clients (thunderbird is not listed there but the settings appear to be the same for each other email client that is listed). Until then I have to assume that allowing the expired certificate to be an exception on Thunderbird is okay with no other info to go on.

If anyone does see updates to the server settings for IMAP email that are effective today, could you post them here please? Thanks.  If I get any useful info from Telus if and when they email me back I'll post it here.

We sure are looking to fix matter. Our teams have been working really hard to fix emails since it started. We really hope this will be fully resolved soon. 

@ET wrote:

We sure are looking to fix matter. Our teams have been working really hard to fix emails since it started. We really hope this will be fully resolved soon. 

Given the sorry and lengthy history of this outage, the above sounds far more like wishful thinking than reality.

I get the expired certificate error too that I hope they will renew or update: it's becoming worse everyday!

Yesterday I just complained about the bonus I didn't receive on my bill...Woman Sad


I cannot even close Thunderbird at all with that stupid popup... Telus sent me a Welcome to the Neighbourhood email, though! Hmmm...Smiley LOL

@polecat wrote:

Just a question are you using pop3 and imap on your mail service at the same time. Not supposed to do that may work for  some time but will cause lots of problems down the road. All devices either on imap or pop3 no mixing.  Caused a big mess for me 2 years ago. Google it and get all the answers. Polecat

I have no reason to doubt your experience, but I haven't had any such problem with the combination in well over ten years.

Update, Vancouver, Sept. 7, 3:32pm


I am happy to report that both pop.telus.net and telus webmail are up.again Hopefully, there will be no more outages for a while. However, recent history has taught me not to hold my breath. Smiley Happy

Here we go again, Telus pop3 server keeps responding 


-ERR internal server error


every time I try to retrieve mail.  And of course ...


"No chat agents are currently available, please call 1-844-372-8559 for help."


And wait, and wait ...  

I've got two devices accessing the same POP3 account, a fixed device via port 110 (no encryption) and the other a mobile device via port 995 (SSL). The former still works but the latter started getting an invalid SSL certificate error on the mobile device today. The certificate reportedly expired 2019-09-09 12:30:43 PDT. Is anyone else seeing this? Both devices are operating on the same Telus PureFibre connection and have been working fine for the last couple of weeks. I realize Telus has always found it inordinately difficult to properly configure and manage any sort of server, but surely they wouldn't mismanage their SSL certificates too. Oh, what am I saying? Smiley Frustrated

Alrighty then, my question is answered. Telus has very definitely grossly mismanaged even the most trivial of task of keeping their SSL certificates up to date. This cannot be blamed on equipment failure. Today is the one month anniversary of when the Telus email disaster began and as of yesterday it still wasn't cleaned up for too many Telus customers. As of today, well, the problem is worse. The incompetence Telus has displayed so far is absolutely staggering. I realize that job loss is a severe penalty, but it is painfully obvious that Telus needs to replace more than a few staff, especially amongst management.

Same here certificate error. Wait and see i guess. POLECAT


The Telus Webmail seems to be a little wonky again, when I log in it takes me to the login page again.  After a second login my webmail loads but when I try to do something it takes me to the login page again, it is a endless circle.  How sad I have to go back to my gmail account once again.

Knob - The same thing here went to check sent and junk today each time it sent me back to log in. Went right out and then logged in and then all ok. This has happened several times in the last week. I will give it more time before i contact a tech it might clear up soon. Polecat