Webmail/Telus email is currently down.

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Webmail/Telus email is currently down.

Just a heads up - our webmail is down at the moment. The queues are very high. Please be patient! We are working on it! So sorry for the inconvenience!

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I am working again, just a short term glitch.


My emails been working since Friday but my wife's still does not work. I've checked the settings-tried to access it on web mail but the access code it sends to her phone -that says the code is no good. I guess i should be even more patient.....???


Email working fine now..can send and receive..But...still can't delete mail .  Sometimes a current one that hasn't been opened will let me delete but 99% still sitting there taking up space.  Can't move it to Trash either.  Anyone have a work-around for this ?  Did phone in and was told they would put in a trouble ticket, but deleting email is low priority right now. 

Hallelujah! My telus.net email service with Thunderbird has been restored. All functions appear to be working. Needless to add, it's about bloody time!


My email is down again as of today. This is so frustrating.


For the past day, webmail just says "loading" after I log in on my phone or computer.  Never finishes loading.  


I still cannot make my POP3 Mail client retrieve on my iMac.  It says it's downloading 2,912 messages (which is crazy) but it hasn't downloaded any since Aug. 14.


All three Telus phone numbers we've been told to phone have the same recording telling us to look at the outages page and then proceeds to offer help with everything but email.


Can't believe this email debacle is not making press beyond echoing what Telus says.

Aug 30 and the pop3 server is still wonky. Fails several times a day and freezes my email handling on my PC. Does anyone from Telus read these and care at all about customer problems? For several days, and after many ,many attempts online help still always says...


No chat agents are currently available, please call 1-844-372-8559 for help.


The future might end up being friendly  but Telus is anything but at the moment.

My email was down from Aug 15 to Aug 24, it was restored to a certain degree.  Some of my saved emails are blank. This morning around 9:00 Aug 30 it all went down again, cannot access webmail either it says "Looks like we can't find that page."  Talked to tech guy, first he's heard of this.  Anyone else experiencing an issue?

Much the same for me. Unable to access webmail for the last 24 hrs. Prior to that many emails were empty and could not be erased.


Still getting "Looks like we can’t find that page." when trying to sign into webmail 

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Webmail is working fine for me.

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My webmail has been restored with all the LH side files BUT still having no luck with deletions.  Strange thing is, I can delete ones that have just arrived even after reading them,  but any that came in earlier-opened or not, will not let me delete.  I now have over 20 sitting there..can't even move them to Trash or Junk....any ideas ??


Follow-up to the above...I CAN delete any emails that are in my Trash or Junk box, but nothing that's sitting in my Inbox. ???


@Irishgranny Allow some time for your mailbox to be fully restored and 100% functional again. It will get there sooner or later.

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I can access webmail this morning and delete emails. I had quite a few 'empty' emails before which have disappeared on their own. Still can't access email on my desktop email client.

As of this morning, I cannot access webmail at all.  I get a 500 server error.  Cannot change password, cannot access email whatsoever.  This was supposed to be fixed.  No Telus chat agents, and I'm pretty sure that I don't want to sit on hold to inform them of yet another **bleep** up.  This is getting stupid now.


My email seemed to be working Wednesday, but stopped working last night. I wasn't able to access webmail yesterday. Today I am able to access webmail, but Outlook keeps asking me to confirm my information for my telus.net account.


It's strange that service was restored, but is no longer working fully.



I went through the long online wait yesterday and spoke to telus, talked to three people in all. I tried to explain the POP3 server is throwing errors ( the one causing your outlook to to ask for your information). I got ridiculous suggestions like "delete all my cookies", remember we are not talking webmail but standalone email clients ! Not the support people's fault, most of them have not even heard of POP3 or SMTP. If email addresses could just follow us like telephone numbers do I'd drop telus completely in an instant.

@MrE wrote:

If email addresses could just follow us like telephone numbers do I'd drop telus completely in an instant.

I don't doubt that a lot of people share this sentiment.

Seeing "Mail server mail.telus.net responded: pop access not enabled for account" on one of three email addresses I have with Telus. The other two have been fine for a week or more.

Looks like they're still working on it. Webmail has lots of old emails this morning including some dating back to July 26. Most of these have no content just "Missing Blob for item nnnnnn" and can't be deleted giving a "A network service error has occurred." error.