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Webmail/Telus email is currently down.


Just a heads up - our webmail is down at the moment. The queues are very high. Please be patient! We are working on it! So sorry for the inconvenience!

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Up here too and no email since Thursday is here! Are you kidding me?! All that email is lost? Telus, PLEASE let us know the status of our incoming email since Thursday.

@Irishgranny: I think Telus needs to compensate its email customers with an amount that includes punitive damages. If it causes Telus no monetary pain, then genuine improvements will not happen. I had been thinking reimbursement of one month's Internet service fees, and then my semi-restored email service collapsed again and Telus started shovelling the BS that 90% of service was restored. Even when my service was (temporarily) restored, messages from the previous day did not come in and I am being told by some folks that their messages to me are still randomly getting bounced. Then came Tony Geheran's apology, lacking anything like an adequate explanation of how things could have gone so badly wrong, not acknowledging that the email problems have actually been going on for more than a week for some customers, and repeating the "majority restored" nonsense (merely being able to finally log in is NOT fully restored service). No, one month's reimbursement is not enough. Perhaps two months? Three if Telus is unwilling to come clean?

@ennjeoajat   I had the login page briefly a couple of hours ago -couldn't do anything but was I'm back to "Can't find the page" much for joining that 90% club.  While I agree that some type of compensation is due, I think you're being over-optimistic in your expectations.   Think we'll be lucky if we get $10 from them.  And don't know how the businesses can calculate what this outage has cost them!  Right now, I just want to be able to use email...will think about compensation after that happens!

@Irishgranny: Ah, well, you asked what we thought would be appropriate. If you ask my expectations, that would be no compensation, no meaningful explanations, no admission of the actual extent of the problem (e.g. some customers have been suffering for more than a week), and they'll continue lying about how many customers have fully restored service until it eventually becomes true. We'll never find out how many messages were simply lost. Where do my expectations come from? I've been a Telus customer for a very long time and I cannot remember the last time they made even the most trivial of changes without breaking something and I've learned the hard way that nothing they ever say can be counted on. If the competition's basic technology weren't so inferior (i.e. cable-based), I would have left long ago.

Anybody get this weird “Zimbra” box when trying to load the Telus webmail page?

Now I get the “normal” page when I try and go to telus webmail.  I ain’t taking no chances....forwarding all my telus emails to a gmail account until they’re able to sort this mess out.

Nanaimo: back in business as of 10:30PM on both email accounts. However, now I'm getting:


This site can’t be reached

forum telus com took too long to respond.



@jhulford wrote:

Nanaimo: back in business as of 10:30PM on both email accounts. However, now I'm getting:


This site can’t be reached

forum telus com took too long to respond.



That'd be 10:15 and everything else seems to be up and running, as well.

I generally think that most people need to chill out. Going without your email isn't on par with the Earth exploding like some replies would have you believe.  At the same time, days later this still isn't working and now neither is the outages page.  As well, I'm met with a warning that my login is invalid and I'll be frozen out of my account if there are 10 bad logins.  Ridiculous. 

So I am not the only one that is receiving that error

@ColtenDavis, who the h*ll are you to tell us what is important?!  Some people need email for bills, banking, their business or god knows what.  Email is not important to you but don't be telling others what's important to them!!   


My email's been down since Thursday, Telus sh!t the bed again!

@Fisherguyclearly you're okay in the head.  Nobody's bills or banking requires email.  If anyone needs email that badly, then they use hotmail or gmail like everyone else on Earth in 2019.  Things in the universe break; you don't deserve crap because of it.  This is the first time my Telus email's been down for over 20 years.  Grow up.



Finally got email back at 8:00pm tonight.  All emails seem to be there, BUT..don't have the file for Saved emails and no link to get them.  Hopefully, this will correct itself in the next little while.  At the moment, I'm a happy camper.  Now it will be interesting to see what, if anything, Telus does to offer some type of compensation.

I should say is a subdomain of is the root, and gets the "Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead" flag on Firefox. Hacked?

@Fisherguy Nobody's bills or banking requires email



EMTs use email.

So apparently it was the cloud provider Dell that screw this up....interesting to now know that our data with a canadian company was probably not even stored in Canada.

@ColtenDavis, in 2019 you've never heard of people getting bills by email, really??  What about businesses that rely on Telus email for their day to day business?  Should they just accept this BS from Telus, should they grow up too and quit complaining??   

II have other email but for all by bills and other important stuff I use my Telus email.  If you're so over-joyed with the service Telus gives you why do you use Hotmail or Gmail??


Yes, things fail, but it shouldn't take 5 f'n days for a company like Telus to repair the problem!

Why are you defending Telus, are you a manager there or something?  Must be time for your morning glass of Koolaid!!   lol

@Fisherguy  Yes we have gone paperless with our monthly bills so we receive an email that a bill is ready. Then we do all transactions with our bank . If conformation is needed that comes by email. A business will suffer badly unable to sign contracts, take orders, send diagrams, arrange a meeting,show new products,introduce new people to their client,it's endless. Some business have suffered and my thoughts are with them on what to do to not have this happen again to them. Polecat

I guess telus should stop promoting sending their invoices via ebill  and go back to paper.

@Tarosujimoto  Most companies offer paperless bills (cost cutting to stay in business) and inform you when it is ready. You make the choice because you have a computer to do that. A lot of people with mobility issues love it with fewer times to post office and not standing in line at the post or the bank to do their business. You must like paper so go bitch about Canada Post and not about the good services Telus offers. Breakdowns happen all the time with anything and always not at a good time.



"...the good services Telus offers", did you really just say that after all that has happened this last week"

 People choose to have their bills emailed to them  because that  would mean  "fewer times to post office and not standing in line at the post or the bank to do their business'?? 
WTF?  I'm pretty sure most people do not have to stand in line at the post office to get their mail, isn't yours delivered to your home or to a mail box down the road?  

This may be a news flash for you but I'm pretty sure most people pay bills using online banking nowadays.  I'm guessing the only people standing in lines to pay bills are people who don't own a computer.