Webmail/Telus email is currently down.

TELUS Employee

Webmail/Telus email is currently down.

Just a heads up - our webmail is down at the moment. The queues are very high. Please be patient! We are working on it! So sorry for the inconvenience!

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Cannot access my telus mail account on either webmail or using the softward on my computer.  While I can certainly log in to my primary telus account email access is not possible nor is it possible to redirect email sent to my telus account to another account outside of Telus.


Sending me a text message 90 minutes ago doesn't help with the simple fact that the email has not been available since early Thursday and its now late Saturday afternoon and no resolution in sight!


TELUS - can you spell COMPENSATION?


I'm forced to consider alternate email providers now....



"this is a fluid situation".


LOL, like what the heck is that supposed to mean?  Didn't realize restoring email service requires the use of US Navy Seals or Mossad agents.

Never assume the people in charge know what their doing.

Telus has no clue.

Friendly Neighbour

Aug 17 11:19, service still out for email and webmail. It does let me log in to Webmail, then says password is over 6 months old, then it says "Looks like we can't find that page, what would you like to do" then offers a link to the home page, which works. So there is some interaction with Telus, meaning the cables are working ?? So to me, the troubles are in house with the e-mail servers either at the Vancouver Data center or the Edmonton Data center.

Three days and counting with no Telus e-mail. Sure glad I have a gmail account and not a business relying on Telus e-mail.

Any lawyers out there looking for a class-action?

Still down in Kamloops with Webmail page not available. However after the last big outage a month or so ago, I had set up forwarding from my telus email to another account.  This morning I received 2 telus bills and one promo from telus that were forwarded. Other messages are still missing.  Just read Telus' online apology - how about giving all their customers $10 off instead of the few that were stubborn enough (and had the time) to sit on hold waiting for a customer rep

For me here in Edmonton, it looks like I now have (limited?) connectivity to my telus.net e-mail address through my iPhone, however my crusty old telusmail.net addy—which I originally got with my cell phone back in the day and still use as my main account—is still MIA.

Additionally, there continues to be no joy trying to log into either of my Telus webmail accounts via the internet as, invariably, I wind up at the “we can’t find that page” part of the site.

Fingers crossed, all of their e-mail server data will eventually come back online—including the accounts that date back to a time when Telus’ service was actually decent....

I do not know where the 90% came from but no one I mean, not a soul I know who has Telus webmail can access it. I am sure you are counting everyone who was not affected by this issue in the first place. A couple of numbers I would like to see is firstly of the people who were initially affected by this outage, how many of them have access at this moment and secondly what % of users in each province are connected and able to receive and send an email. Then we would see where you really are at with this problem. And do not say these numbers are not available it is just that the big girls and boys in the boardroom do not want you to see them. They are available and if not you folks are way, way, worse off then I thought. By the way, numbers are very seldom rounded up to such a convenient %. One of the big issues you folks have is that so many of your users are in Alberta and Sask which have the largest % of the population that have a degree or diploma, as a result, you have many people who know exactly what is going on because they sat in the same classes as your service techs and Engineers. You can not get away with a polite email saying sorry people want answers and it seems a lot of people who signed up for your internet service were told things that were absolutely false about your system. As a result, the chickens have come home to roost and it is not a pretty sight. So someone's head is going to have to roll on this one, it had better be at the rank of VP and not some poor little manager that the beancounters would not give enough money to fund their projects resulting in the projects could not be built out very easily over time. This is the result. Enough is enough off to bed I go dreaming that the email will be functioning when I wake up. Thank you for reading this if you are human. If Telus is trying to read all these emails using A. I. good luck getting that to work out.

Hi here in High River! My e-mail has been down since last week Friday! What gives?

Sorry to report that Kamloops is not part of the claimed 90%.  telus.com/outages seems to provide no reliable information, as forecast returns to duty there during yesterday and today spanned from 11:00 pm last night to 1:00 pm today, before those predictions were entirely removed from the site.  Based on telus.com/outages, nothing new has happened since a report at 2:24 pm.  One wonders if work is continuing.

I'm also in Kamloops and haven't had email since 7:02 pm on the 14th. Not impressed
Friendly Neighbour

Saturday Aug 17, 07:42, still down here in Langley

Downtown Vancouver BC is also not part of the 90% that has been restored.


Unacceptable that I have to do a google search to find info, since Telus does not put any notices on its "Page Not Found" auto-reply or the Support landing page. Email outage = outrage

It's just a standard "PR" move to claim 90%+ percent of email service has been fully restored.  I have no doubt a majority are but 90%+ seems pretty unrealistic (just my gut feeling though and from what I've read online).

It's very simple -- it's a typo.  He said "90% are now able" when he meant "90% are not able."  Easy mistake when you're making something up.

Still waiting in Airdrie...  BIG 10% Club ... YAY 😞

My email has been down since yesterday morning, my wife's worked this morning, quit gain this afternoon.
Has any other Canadian ISP had so much trouble with their email?
Wonder what the CRTC will say about this BS?!


8:25 PM in Vancouver. Service partially functional. Webmail able to log in, but keeps dropping off to log-in page. POP (Outlook) able to receive, but not send.

Mine's still down, has been for a f'n week...

My telus webmail in Vancouver appears to be restored to full functionality. Panel on left is present. I can now write, reply, forward and delete emails. Options are accessible and I was able to successfully import my Address Book from Thunderbird.


However, my telus.net account is still down.


A caveat to the above. I don't know if I have received all messages that were sent while both email and webmail were down.