Webmail/Telus email is currently down.

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Webmail/Telus email is currently down.

Just a heads up - our webmail is down at the moment. The queues are very high. Please be patient! We are working on it! So sorry for the inconvenience!

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Not loading for me either. It's been going on all AM. Last I checked chat was at 56 and seems to be the new norm.

Same problem here in Abbotsford..all morning.  Get the following message...


 ???ldap.LDAP_ERROR???    or else it keeps trying to load..forever !

Problems with webmail yet again Telus.  Your tech support seems to have trouble with this service as it has been down mulitiples before over the past many months.  Considering this problem started on the 15th and there still is no resolution and no end in ongoing issues its pretty much rendered by telus.net email address inaccessible.  


Time to move to Gmail and be done with this BS.  Will also make it much easier for me to toss all of Telus services.


Shocked and dismayed at Telus support services

I'm also getting fed up with these repeated issues when trying to access my Telus webmail. I've been a Telus phone (landline) customer for 33 years and an internet client for close to 20 years. I know I'm paying far too much for the minimal service I'm receiving. Might be time to finally move on.

I am with you 110%.  Here, in Victoria, I've been without webmail for 3 days now with no fix in sight.  I just recently switched from Shaw as a result of a good offer from Telus.  But the offer's worth nothing since the webmail service never seems to be working properly.  I, like everyone else, is tired of lousy customer service...today I was 59th and 72nd in the queue for chatting, and after waiting hours got nothing but abject apologies.  NOT GOOD ENOUGH TELUS (is anyone listening?)!  While I encountered lots of problems with Shaw, their webmail at least worked.  Thinking seriously about switching back...bad service from Shaw is better than no service from Telus!

Just got an HTTP Error 500.0 – Internal Server Error

What's going on Telus?

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Working fine with windows live mail sending and receiving.

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How did you get telus webmail on windows live mail ?

We had that with shaw and it worked great.

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Here are the instructions: https://www.telus.com/en/bc/support/article/set-up-telus-email-windows-live-mail

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I use Gmail and have not experienced any outage what so ever.

My Telus webmail was hacked a few years ago, moved to Gmail and no problems at all since the hack.

My other Telus services (Home Phone and Optik TV) - I've never had any problems with either, ever.



@WestCoasterBC wrote:

Working fine with windows live mail sending and receiving.

Works fine with Apple’s Mail client as well. Seems to be the webmail interface, not the mail server.


Also see notice on this page from 4 hours ago.

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Agreed. I switched to another client and logged in successfully.

Just got the following info from the support chat:


Webmail Services are experiencing an interruption in your area, which may result in being unable to access the site or send and receive email. We are working to restore services as quickly as possible. Further updates will be provided as they become available and can be followed by visiting www.telus.com/servicestatus.


Now that telus webmail is back up, i can log into my account, however, when i try to select/view certain e-mails, it logs me out of my accont, preventing me from reading them. Please fix this!

LOL.  Consider yourself lucky.  I can't even get the telus webmail page to load!


There is already an existing discussion on email. Please post there. 

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Nanaimo. Still down for me 3 days and counting. My husbands account is back up and running for sending and receiving as of this morning (SMTP/POP), don't use the webmail. The weird thing is we've had these email accounts since the 'sympatico' days and mine is an alias of his, so you'd think if one comes back from the dead the other should be along shortly. So far, no joy. 

You do realize sympatico was Bell right?

Not true.  Sympatico was BCTel / Telus.

I now have a login page..BUT...says my name or password id incorrect.  Same ones I've had for the past few years.  Even tried to change password, but couldn't do that.  So I'm looking at this login teaser and wondering how many more days before it recognizes me ??

Strange thing is..My name and password work just fine when I login to the Outage Update page...but not correct for Webmail...are there 2 of me ??