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Webmail/Telus email is currently down.


Just a heads up - our webmail is down at the moment. The queues are very high. Please be patient! We are working on it! So sorry for the inconvenience!

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Now that telus webmail is back up, i can log into my account, however, when i try to select/view certain e-mails, it logs me out of my accont, preventing me from reading them. Please fix this!

Worked briefly for me this morning. 

I have noticed a "This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources" warning on the Telus webmail site. Seems like it could be a problem?? I have the login page but it won't let me log in.  This has been since noon...guess I'm not in the "most customers" catagory !

@canucks4life wrote:

Just received an Email regarding the Email outage lol


"and were able to restore service for the majority of customers overnight."


What a bunch of BS.

Telus has proven itself to be really good at dispensing empty apologies—too bad the same can’t be said about keeping their e-mail servers working, updating their customers, providing viable solutions for compensation/lost correspondence/etc.....

On one hand, they have the crocodile tears statement on a band over the page that comes up when the Web mail doesn't: "We are very sorry for the TELUS Webmail disruption. We take this issue very seriously and are workin...


When you click on the Outages page, regardless of the update time (12:15pm in this case) the update says every time "Most customers are now able to access their email accounts, which are once again fully operational."  Then they go on to discuss the small but chosen few who still don't have e-mail.


So on one hand, they acknowledge a big problem.  On the other hand, they downplay the big problem.  I wonder if they took the weekend off?


As far as I can tell, the only noticeable thing Telus has done over the past few days is to keep changing the title of this thread.

Nice that you were able to receive email...

@Sf , Its says tomorrow morning on my outage app. so hopefully we can use it by then

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Is there a specific place to look for updates in this problem? Thanks you.

I'm in Vancouver. As of 11:50 service is intermittent both POP & webmail. I've been using my Gmail account and perhaps this episode is the signal for me to ease my main email over there. Serious incompetence at Telus that, if past experience is any indication, will not be addressed. Maybe less spent on cute animal advertising and more technical competence and dependability would be a good start. 

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Well said!

For personal e-mailing, go ahead and use Google, Yahoo or Hotmail. Lots of storage space and who cares if the NSA can see who you write. But for business you're better off going with a plan from an e-mail hosting company who will try and provide a domain that is based on your business name and can give you storage in Canada and local support with connections from fixed and mobile devices. Get it set up. Advise your customers of the change, put a forwarding rule on your Telus account and enhance your business profile.

Or be like Kramer & choose to opt out of receiving mail!

The USPS was obsolete, even back in 1997. In order to continue they dedicate the majority of their operation to processing and delivering junk mail. The USPS needs to cease to exist.

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My webmail has been down since Wednesday night in Airdrie. I was to get an email yesterday concerning a job. I needed to respond to that email with info. I sure hope this outage hasn't messed that up. I've been unemployed for almost a year and I need this job. Not impressed at all!!!

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looks like several emails that were sent during the TELUS outage have disappeared including 1 e-transfer. Are these going to eventually show up or are they gone?

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Neighbourhood Alum

Hi Folks,


TELUS technicians have continued to work around the clock to restore email access. More than 90 per cent of our customers are now able to access their email accounts, which are once again fully operational. Our technicians continue to troubleshoot a small number of servers that are still affected by the hardware issue. We are very sorry for the disruption and are working to restore email access for the remainder of our customers as soon as possible. For the latest updates, customers can visit 

Forgive me for questioning that 90%+ figure.

Here's me....  still in the 10% club....

@DeeScruntled wrote:

Here's me....  still in the 10% club....

heh, the only time I'm part of an exclusive club....and I don't want to be in it! Smiley Tongue

If 90% of customers now have email again, how about showing us a map of where us 10 percenters are?  (I'm in Red Deer, by the way).