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Webmail/Telus email is currently down.


Just a heads up - our webmail is down at the moment. The queues are very high. Please be patient! We are working on it! So sorry for the inconvenience!

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Good to hear that it's back for you - not so good that there are missing messages that may not be recovered.

I still have "Looks like we can't find that page" message & URL header says service unavailable.

Back in Alberta and no emails from yesterday.

@Jhvicbc wrote:

Email is back for me in Esquimalt. But oldest one is 2:35 am so I’m missing whatever was sent yesterday. 

 Email is down again. 

Personally, because I can, I will be severing my relationship with Telus.  There are other options available and other companies that would likely not display so much disrespect to paying customers.  It feel like they have taken their service training from the airlines.

I'm seeing issues - can log in and then select a message, it crashes and goes to sign in page.

Any TELUS Employees on this forum? 

If this happened internally at TELUS, what would happen? Is this a service level that TELUS employees would be able to work with/accept?

Friendly Neighbour

I've been down for almost a week now. This is has cost me money and wreaked havoc with my social life.
I had no idea how much I rely on e-mail.
Telus better come up with a happy solution for me or I dump all my services.
Maybe spend less money on all those pretty pictures and spend more in I.T..

I work at a major University in Customer Support and IT, and I provide independent service to several businesses whose livelihood depends on Telus business e-mail. I find 2 things shocking:


1. That Telus did not at least post a banner on the website advising customers of this outage, informing them that the problem was being addressed, and apologizing for the incident. It didn't have to be long, but you can't hang users in the wind with no explanation. Making them phone customer service and wait for an hour to ask about it is nuts. Making customers look for an "Outage" page and have to sign into it just to be told there's a problem is pretty well like hiding the dirt under the carpet.


2. Rule #1 of ANY business is business-critical systems must be backed up with a secondary system. Yes, I know some things are impossible or prohibitive to back up, but hardware is not one of them. Especially when your business customers depend on it. This was a Boeing 747 Max size issue, and Telus pretended it didn't exist. Someone should be gone by day's end.

Ever heard of Peter Principle? I digress. Can sporadically send but does not receive.

Telus' outage page at now estimates full recovery around 1:00PM. Of course, with perhaps over 2 million users between businesses and people trying to get back in and move messages, that may be complicated.

Still down in Abbotsford.  


To those who have webmail back....were ALL your emails restored or did you lose the ones that arrived during the outage ?

Mine's not back yet.  But I recall when Telus had that annoying outage a few months ago that when the e-mail came back, the most recent e-mails came in first.  A little while later, more came through that were older.  As far as I could tell (because who can say for sure?) all the e-mails came through from the outage days.  It could be the same this time.

It usually sorts itself out. Perhaps the industrious techs at Telus will be able to enjoy the weekend!

I got some Email's from yesterday and one about 630am this morning but nothing since including the test ones sent myself from Gmail/ more errors at the moment here but was getting SMTP ones still all day on phone.

I meant to say no more incoming POP errors but still unable to send SMTP.

also no SMTP

and who'se bright idea was to not sort this with the MOST RECENT POSTS FIRST!

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I'm missing most emails that should have been received during the outage and still again, cannot log in.  Every time I log into webmail it logs in, refreshes and boots me out asking me to log in again...and again...and again...and again. 😕

Hilarious you have to login to see the outages page.

Try this website:

It's especially annoying since the "official company line" (at least on twitter) is that most Telus customers are now able to send/receive emails.  Guess I'm unlucky as I can't even get the telus webmail page to load up much less attempt to log in.