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Webmail/Telus email is currently down.


Just a heads up - our webmail is down at the moment. The queues are very high. Please be patient! We are working on it! So sorry for the inconvenience!

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Any ETA.  My password got changed in error, and now I can't get into my email on laptop or phone.  Very frustrating!


I love the language they use in their update,  "may result in errors or delays"......tell it like it is, customers have had zero access to email for 3 going on 4 days.....


TELUS mail services are experiencing an interruption, which may result in errors or delays sending and receiving email using Webmail 


I ironically just received a call from Telus. Foolishly thinking it might have been a "we're sorry your email hasn't worked for 3 days" call, I answered.


Of course, it wasn't that. It was a sales pitch trying to sell me Telus Home Security. So I told the (non-Telus sales) guy to tell them to fix their email and that no way would I trust them with my home security if it takes them 3+ days to fix email!

It’s late Monday night and email is still down. Seems serious after 4 or 5 days. Will we ever see our emails? What’s going on Telus? Some disclosure in the interest of customer service is long overdue.


Really ...we hadn't noticed.


 How about some kind of timeline for repairs? Always the same kind of status updates from you guys (i.e. zero information that only states the obvious) I too rely on email in part for business and this is seriously affecting my profits after almost a week of this BS! and today were completely down /server offline ...It would have been nice if you guys would notify us paying customers that you are completely pulling the server prior to going ahead so we would have time to consider other arrangements!


Is it just me or has this been a problem on and off for YEARS? that's a rhetorical question obviously (it's becoming quite obvious that issues are patched poorly as they come up and and not really "mitigated" at all could not be more obvious to me that Telus really does not care about the stability or reliability of their web-mail and rather would like to focus on the things that make them money /new customers, products and services)


...ask Telus if you are going to lose new emails altogether like I did and you will be met with "that's a good question, I'm not sure" ...completely unacceptable.


Webmail keeps saying:

 A network service error has occurred.

Others are reporting issues on "is it down" sites.

My browser is up to date Chrome: Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)


I'd check the Telus Outages map, but it won't tell me anything without logging in to MyTelus now (tale of woe below).


When I click the  Service Status NEW

It takes me to this:

Service Status

This page is being retired. Check out our new outage site here:


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Want to see outages in your area?

You must log in to your My TELUS account to search for outages across Canada. We will redirect you to this page after you log in.

I don't want to have to log into MyTelus (while at work) to try and find out if there is a problem. If there was a problem with MyTelus log-in would Telus then tell me to log-in to MyTelus? Or would Telus like me to email you that my email isn't working?
And yes, I tried to reboot my computer in case Telus IT gets invoved.


Yup login failed via POP as well Cat Sad

Are you also experiencing emails logging out when you try to compose or reply to an email? or get an error that  says "LDAP"?

I had that earlier today too.

I tried to check the outage on my telus online account and I see the outage posted. 


Hopefully they can fix this as soon possible



Yes tried several times goes back to log in with this error ldap

Same here. Tried on both computers at different locations late last week and unable to log in or would drop off after a few seconds. Seemed to have been repaired yesterday and now back down. (10:30AM 08/11/19)

Friendly Neighbour
webmail still down aug 10 at 8:30 a.m. very frustrating.

Working fine in Creston. Yesterday webmail would load from house account but not from shortcut. Reinstalled shortcut everything all works fine. Polecat

Friendly Neighbour

Still down although i can log in from my cell phone but not from my computer. It's been three days now.....I tried with Firefox and with Chrome both get the #500 internal error report. Why can't a technology company sort this out...maybe Telus should ask the Shaw people if they can help? Canucklehead.

Back up finally, only 3 days to sort out the access problem. Smiley Frustrated

Spoke too soon, down again Smiley Sad

And its down again. 

And I still can't check the Telus outage map because I can't log into MyTelus right now. Is Telus trying to hide their constant cycle of outages from the general public now? Why do I have to log into MyTelus just to confirm email is down and it has nothing to do with my computer?


At least I confirm the outage here:

Yep, it's down again.  Been down since I've been trying - 7:00 am to now - noon.  I'm in Strathmore, Alberta. I tried email on 3 devices - PC & Apple but nothing.

Called the 1-888# and a recording states that the webmail service is down.  Don't know how long it's been down, but this is a really long time,

I have some business to do and this is putting a real crimp into it.  

647am PT was the last time my phone was able to login...expecting some important Emails come on guys let's get this resolved soon.

Don't fret that you can't check the Telus outages page without logging into MyTelus. I can log into MyTelus and the outages page contains nothing, literally nothing about outages, just a header, a footer, and the "To help us improve this website, we'd love to hear your feedback. Tell us what you think." Now I'd love to tell them what I think, but the provided link doesn't work, at all. It has been about a week of email problems. I spent a couple hours trying to help a neighbour solve his email problems last week, only to discover it's all Telus' fault. Today our email is not just flaky, but hard down. Telus phone support auto-attendant has been spewing the useless non-informational bit about having email problems, but things have just gotten worse. If anyone is even working on the problem, it is not apparent.


Telus has slowly destroyed MyTelus account functionality for email too. I used to be able to add/remove email aliases. They took that away. I was then still able to at least see a list of my email aliases. They took that away. I used to be able to add/remove email accounts. They took that away. I was then at least still able to see our configured email accounts (type, limits, etc). They took that away. There is now literally no information left about our email accounts. Now, everything I might want to do has to be done by pleading with Telus support personnel. Of course, chat support hours are short. Both chat and phone support requires one to dedicate a half day spent in a ridiculously long queue and then with a friendly staff member that will promise to help, but doesn't.


Telus, if you can read this, your paying customers are getting really angry with your utter lack of regard for us. We pay top dollar for services that include email service and we aren't getting it. Functioning email service is critical for some of us. A week-long outage is wildly unacceptable and even the smallest of email providers out there seem to be capable of far better service than what you provide.