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Webmail/Telus email is currently down.


Just a heads up - our webmail is down at the moment. The queues are very high. Please be patient! We are working on it! So sorry for the inconvenience!

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Possible to try an get an update?

Some people use Email for business purposes.

Valid point! Do you know what is an equal annoyance about this two day (so far) email service outage? While you are on hold waiting to speak to TELUS technical support about a status update, annoyance is hearing an advertisement on the line telling you that TELUS has the best network services in Canada! How ironic!!


So True! I am so frustrated. No email for three days now.

Any chance that I am not the only one with no email in Bonanza Alberta nothing since Friday

Telus support and their “community” people played ostrich with head in sand Friday; lighten Lied and said problem resolved; then would not respond or feigned ignorance of problem on Saturday and today offering nothing but platitudes about “trying to resolve” and “we know how you might feel” today. Mary an hosers to god mea culpa from management or even acknowledgement of problem from any senior position. It is across Canada (season bet won’t even respond to pings at times) but no concrete reach out to any of us customers. It is apparent that senior management doesn’t give a **bleep** and customer and community service reps are in the position of not knowing what the heck happened let alone what is being done to resolve. I wonder if “A” team is even on the job yet.

Brutal! Email gridlock. Just received a couple messages originated from senders nearly two days ago. Can only get the message body, cannot download attachments. Probably the whole system throttled back to recover.


Would nice to be notified as to how long this may take.  I know they're working on it but is the ANY idea as to when repairs will be made.  a day, a week, ???  This is carrying on way too long with no one providing any answers..

It would be a nice customer service touch if someone from telus posted periodic updates here on something that's widespread like this. I just asked on chat. Answer: "Currently working on it. Some people have service again, some don't. Hoping all fixed by the end of the day..."

I'm metro vancouver, mail down since yesterday, landline is fine.

Does any else share my dismay that, after this extended email meltdown, the CEO of Telus has been conspicuous by his total absence?


I can send, just not receive.  Is that the same for everyone??  Recent retiree here.  These things didn't happen when I worked there!

Just Moved In

This is day 2 for us that we can't send or receive!  Some notification from Telus would be appreciated.  I know they must be working on the problem, but very poor customer service.

Community Power User
Community Power User
I haven’t had any issues with my account last few days. Just briefly on Friday for 5 min sending emails.

I can do the same Gregg!  Same here, retiree, and never happened when we worked there.  This is now day 3, and I need to have it working. 


On here: it says that at 5:45pm Eastern today, the e-mail problems were "mitigated."  An interesting choice of words.  I'm still having the issue and it also started yesterday for me.

I have had no service since Friday and it is now late Sunday. It obviously is not ‘mitigated’.

It's almost better not to offer service status updates at all, than to provide them, and then stop. Dead air since Saturday. I called tech support after 2 a.m. PST Monday. They're still waiting for an update on their dashboard. They said this outage was worse than the one before...that servers and log-ins are being affected. 

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hey All!

You can always check here for service updates:

We thank you for your patience and we are working diligently to get things back up and running as soon as possible.

Enough! We need clear and more frequent updates as to what is happening and when the email issue will be fixed. This is unacceptable for a communications company...

I presume there will be compensation for this serious interruption. Patience running out.

I recall speaking to a TELUS Rep the last time this issue was happening on Day 2 and was told I would get compensation on my next TELUS bill....still waiting. This is so frustrating for me let alone all the people who rely on this service for their occupations! Man Frustrated

Trash talk from you now???

Post to the people you took input from here !

Useless service function is not something you should be flippent about. Spoiler alert - you should be fired.

@Nicole-Natassha wrote:

Hey All!

You can always check here for service updates:

We thank you for your patience and we are working diligently to get things back up and running as soon as possible.