VPN remote network connection from Home to Work - not working since changed to new 3200 Router


VPN remote network connection from Home to Work - not working since changed to new 3200 Router

I have always run and used the generic PPTP with Microsoft VPN on windows 10 to connect to my Lan through my home network.  This past week, Telus came home to update some things and the old Actiontec 1200 router was swapped for a new 3200 router.  Now when I attempt to connect on a PPTP the whole router reboots.  Today I worked with my Office Managed Router technician and created an IPSEC connection and configured on my computer at home.  It connected and was live for about 3 or 4 seconds and then again the router rebooted.  I had logged into the router and changed from NAT to low settings on Firewall which show all ports in and out for IPSEC and PPTP and others and the connection should go through but it seems to be intentionally dropping and then rebooting.  We had seen the connection log on our Cisco router at work showing the connection happening and then showing a client initiated drop of the tunnell. Now I can leave the security of my home and go to the local Tim Hortons and somehow remote connect to my office LAN, but from home I can not.  Does anyone know the workaround for this or can anyone from TELUS who is reading these forums advise what is happening and how to rectify ?  I am off contract so if I can not get a solution then I might as well switch to another provider.


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Did you figure this out as now i am facing the same issue here and don't know what to do here thank you in advance

Anyone know about some solutions on this?  I meet the problem just after one telus technician came to my house to do some program change. He did not change my router which is 3200M. After that, I can not remotely log in the same VPN in my company office.  I asked my company VPN service provider to do all the diagnose, while it confirmed this is because of telus (ISP). 

I am now in library and I can log in the VPN using the free wifi here. 

I called telus, and one lady told me they have not blocked anything from their side. Another time, a gentleman said the policy from telus is "No VPN allowed" and it is normal. I am thinking many people should neet VPN remote network connection, how could ISP disable this? Then I ask this guy to show me the policy, and he can not and trying to push my call into hold status. 

Then I called again and another lady told me from their side, she can not see any blocking events/records under my telus account. She said this must be my VPN providers fault. I told her I can login VPN using any free wifi in library/cafee, etc. She told me telus can only make sure user have wifi, not make sure user's connection to specific website. What kind of company telus is!!!! 


If you have one, try placing a network switch between your computer and the new modem and see if that clears up the issue. I'm not sure what the root cause could be but placing a switch in between them could have positive results. Doesn't have to be a fancy switch. Any 4-port gigabit switch will do.

thank you for the reply.  I do have a network switch and I did play with whatever customer facing options the router has to open up ports but in discuussion with Telus support they are basically saying they do not allow VPN's through their router so they can protect me.  Interesting that I can go to the local Hockey Arena or Tim Hortons, hop onto some unsecured wifi and connect with IPSec or PPTP tunnells to my Lan, but in the security of my own home I am not able to.  Feels like I am in a communist state ... i.e. being protected for my own good wether I want it or not.  As the internet modem just changed to a new one on Sunday, all I can surmise is that Telus had no concern for my well being before Saturday for the past 15 years when my VPN would function properly, but as of Sunday now they care for me as a customer.  To me, it is a total load of S**t ... they simply lock it down so you have to buy more advanced services to get it.  In any event, my contract is up so as the VPN does not work from Telus or from anyone really, I will buy some Cisco anyconnect and un shakle myslef from the Telus world once and for all and go to the lowest bidder for my services !


Many VPNs work fine through the 3200 modem so whichever agent told you that doesn't know what's really happening. Whatever the main cause is it requires more investigation on their end. Did the agent say they consulted their Network Support tier 2 team for this? If they didn't then I highly recommend you engage support again or go through the chat instead of calling to get a second opinion. It definitely isn't Telus blocking VPN access on purpose.

Did you try to connect through a switch between the ONT and the 3200, which means getting a second IP directly from Telus to your computer, and letting the 3200 completely out of the equation (no bridge mode either!)? If it works then add an ER-X between the switch and your computer and you will be all set.

Sorry, I assumed you were on PureFibre. If you are on copper then use the 3200 as modem only, aka bridge mode, an then continue as if this were an ONT.