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Upgrade to 300/300 from 150/150


I thought it would be a hot topic in here.  I don't see anyone talking about it.  Did anyone on 150/150 fibre upgrade to 300/300?  It is my understanding that most of the area served by 150/150 fibre qualifies for 300/300.  I would like to know people's experiences in terms of how easy it was, whether L&R had to be contacted price differential etc.  Thanks in advance.



There is a cost different from $90 to $110 a month for Internet 300. Contacting loyalty will only give you a $5 discount if you are on month to month for the next 3 months or no discount at all if you are in contract. Anyone who is currently on GPON Fiber (Internet 150) has the ability to upgrade to Internet 300, but there will be a cost differential.

Thanks for that.  For those with 250 I think it is an automatic(and free) upgrade.