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Telus providing me internet 15 but charging me for 75 for a year and a half.

Just Moved In

I was told by agents that I was getting the 75, then when I re upped after being angry about them spamming calls after a move they told me I was getting 50% off the plan I was originally told I was on. This price was quoted at 60 for the 50% off, but that would be more than the telus 15 at 50% off.

On top of this I cannot connect to an agent because of the absolutely trash tier robot menu.



Community Power User
Community Power User

You can reach them on Twitter and they respond in a timely manner via direct message. You can find Telus support via twitter here. 

Friendly Neighbour

Don't bother contacting Telus. If they've made that mistake for 18 month already, they aren't going to be interested in fixing it any time soon.


Get in touch with;
Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services, (CCTS)


Log a complaint with them and let them shaft Telus the same way they've shafted you.