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Telus is Demanding "declaration of incapacity" in order to cancel my Mother's Account


My Mother is very ill and delirious. I've been cancelling various accounts and gave notice on her apartment. Shaw internet was so simple to cancel, no questions asked. But Telus asked for the Power of Attorney form, which I provided. But now that's not enough. They also want me to make an appointment with her doctor, in another town (I ride the bus and have mobility issues), to get a "declaration of incapacity" from her doctor. Her outstanding balance is just over $32. I've been a great customer with them for many years and pay close to $300/month for their services. Never a bill overdue. Yet they won't take the POA as enough proof? Why do they have a right to know her private information like this? Shaw and other services didn't require this kind of proof, so why does Telus? This is already such a difficult time, and they are making it unnecessarily hard.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Some companies make sure to thoroughly cover their butts legally. Normally I would think power of attorney should be enough. I personally have never come across a company requesting a "declaration of incapacity" before unless some legal requirement recently changed. I'd say call back and see if you can speak with someone else or ask for clarification on why they want that declaration.

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Is the power of attorney one that takes effect only if your mother is unable to make her own decisions? If this is the case, it would explain why TELUS is asking for supporting documentation.



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Depending on the knowledge you mother's doctor already has about your mother's health status, it may be as simple as requesting the document. Telus may be one of a number of companies requesting the additional documentation, so it will be good to have on hand.


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Sorry to hear about the situation with your mother. Unfortunately TELUS's position is a sign of the times. With so many privacy breaches and social engineering hacks nothing is as easy as it should be.