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Telus downgrade from 75 to 50


So I have been told by telus level 2 techs that I need my Internet downgraded to internet 50 from 75. I am 6 months into a two year service agreement. I have never been able to get 75 speed even hard wired. They are telling me this gives them leeway for tv as they usually give an extra 25 mps for 25. Saying there’s issues with my wiring . He was the trying to get me to fiber which I do have wired to my house now. However this is not a option I will do as the location of the modem and ont box would be in the middle of my living room. So top it off I get less data 450 from 550 gb a month and the price is the same. 

I guess my question to everyone here is can I get out of my service agreement because if this? I signed up for internet 75 and 550 mps at a specific price . I am 6 months in and they tell me I need a downgrade of service.

thanks for any info you guys can provide.




Some of us here would kill to qualify for fibre...they could mount it in on our bed for all I care Cat LOL

At least you would be able to hide all the wires under your mattresse 😀

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Community Power User

Why is the only option for placement of the ONT your living room? Surely there are other options.



I believe if Telus can't fulfill the contract you signed, you have legitimate reason to cancel it, but there may also be an opportunity for negotiating items such as your data allowance. There should also be a price reduction for the lower speed, though I believe it is only on the order of $5 per month.

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I do find it odd that the only "ont location possiblity" is in the "middle of the living room".  In fact, I'm pretty sure that it would not be an option.  Is there no demarcation point in the house?  No breaker box?  No place where utilities come in? 


I would of course want to get fiber if I could get it.


However, as to the question, one should be able to cancel if the promised speed isn't there.


I had Bell do similar to me years ago.  I have 50Mbit service that they downgraded to 25Mbit.  I promptly cancelled my service with no penalties but they did try to get me to stay.  As long as you don't agree to the downgrade, you have a legal way out.  


I feel for you, 75 to 50.  Been stuck with 6 for over 10 years and there's not way to upgrade in sight.