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Telus doing scammy behaviour


I have tried to reach out over the phone to resolve my frustrations. They agreed that my experience sounds very frustrating, and suggested I have submit a complaint to the TELUS Management team. I did that over two weeks ago. No reply. I will try again today, and post here as well in hopes that they listen once others can read this too. 


I have been a Telus Mobility customer for years, and enjoyed the service, so I decided to sign up for internet services. However, it has been a terrible experience that has left a bad taste in my mouth. I feel like Telus has tried to scam me at every possible opportunity.


First, I looked online to see the current internet rates. I decided I would call to see if there were any additional deals available since I was a mobility customer. The person who took my call said it would take him a minute to look into the prices, and in the meantime he would take some information for me. I thought the purpose of this was to see my account and see if there were any deals available to me. Instead he takes a long time (later in the call I realized he was setting up an account for me, without my consent), and finally tells me what the cost is. It was the most expensive option of what I saw in front of me on the screen I had pulled up on my browser. I asked him about the cheaper options I could see in front of me. He told me, oh, "let me look into that", then got back and said, "okay I just looked into it, and yes, that is also an option". As if he doesn't know the options...he was clearly trying to scam me into the most expensive deal without telling me the options. When I didn't want to continue on the phone, because I would get discounts by signing up online, he accused me of wasting his time, when I didn't ask him to start setting me up an account in the first place, I was calling for prices, which he didn't even provide me in good faith. He guilted me into finishing the sale online.


Next was the home installation, the place where I was moving, already had a Telus box installed, so the person who came didn't instal anything, they just turned it on, which is fine. However, the following week, Telus Connect wasn't letting me view the details of my account, since it told me I needed to upgrade my modem to get the most out of my internet. What?? I just signed up the previous week!! I called the support line, and they told me according to their records my modem was just installed last week, and was the most up to date modem. This makes me think the service technician reported that he installed a new modem, when in reality he did not.


Next, I get my first bill, and there is a $150 "one-time fee" on the bill for a modem upgrade. I never consented to this, and I did not get a modem upgrade. I called Telus Support, they agreed I should not have that fee, and they were very helpful and removed it. Is Telus's business plan to add that to everyone's bill, hoping most don't realize it's there?

I am left with a very bad taste in my mouth after less than 2 months with Telus internet service. I have been on the phone with Telus Support multiple times (they have always been helpful), but the Telus corporation and sales team has been trying to scam me. If I was not in a contract, I would be cancelling. I will be sharing my experience with others to prevent the same from happening to them.





Community Manager
Community Manager

Very sorry about the negative experience you've had. We'd like to look into escalating this for you. To do so, we'd need to verify your account, so reach out to us over at our Twitter or Facebook pages so we can get your account info and forward it off to our escalation managers. Thanks.

Hi A-B, thank you for your reply. To confirm, I should be reaching out to Telus over facebook rather than the TELUS Management team support link to get a reply? Why is this not indicated on your website if it is the preferred method. And why does the TELUS Management team submission page say they will get back to your within 48 hours if this is clearly not the case?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Callbacks take place on a first come first serve basis, but rest assured they'll be calling as soon as they can.