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Telus Fibre install in my house

The white box will be in my furnace room in one corner of my basement. I currently connect my modem to a telephone outlet upstairs in another corner of the house. Will the Telus Fibre signal be routed to my modem through the existing phone line or will they highjack an existing coax cable that runs to nearly the same spot?

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Many cases the phone lines in houses, especially older ones, don't have four pairs of wires and the phone jacks can be wired up in a chain so isolating one jack can be impossible. Good chance it'll use the coax but the installer should let you know what'll be done while at your home. They will be the best person to ask.

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Hi there, since I have questions related to this topic, I will post in this thread.


I am still with Shaw, but seriously considering switching over to Purefibre since I have been offered a pretty good deal for signing a 2-year contract. The contractor started pulling fibres throughout my townhouse complex in the past week, and my 2-storey unit is now fibre-ready. I did a bit of research regarding the installation, but I have nearly 0 knowledge in networking, so some of the answers that I found in this forum don't always make sense to me. Please bear with me Smiley Frustrated


The contractor pulled the fibre cable in the garage, right underneath the electrical panel. So I assume this is where the whitebox (ONT) will likely be installed. And according to the Telus Q&A page, the modem will also be in the garage connected to the ONT. However, is it possible to have the modem installed on the second floor because that is where my gaming computer is (wired connection much preferred)? The gaming room is right above the garage, not sure if that's relevant at all. The room has a phone jack and a DSL port on the wall which a Telus modem was connected to 3 years ago. There is also a coaxial connection to its right (Shaw modem connected here), hiding behind the black storage cabinet.



Any input is appreciated!


If you have a cat5 line running from the garage then you can probably get a hard wired connection to the computer if there is a line running to that room as well. The lines will most likely converge at the electrical panel or behind a master jack if it is an apartment style condo. Ask your Fibre install tech to look in to hard wire options. If the cat5 lines are in the right spot you can probably get them to set up the modem in your PC room instead of the garage. I'd need to see what kind of wire is behind that wall plate to tell you for sure.

I ran into a Telus technician who just finished the installation in my neighbour's unit and he said there should not be a problem setting up the modem in my PC room. Thanks a lot for your input though!