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Telus Didn't Honour Contract


Our contract was coming to an end and we spoke to a Telus agent about renewing.  They said they could and quoted us a price, and we agreed to it.


Just received our first bill after that conversation and Telus didn't honour that agreement. In fact, they took us off one contract that wasn't due to expire until March 2024, it was an increase of 285%.


I feel tired and drained by them. Previous Live chats, on other subjects, have been unsuccessful and connected with agents who don't know their subject. Many people have been complaining about 2-hour wait times and callbacks that never happen.


I really don't like Telus putting us in this situation. I looked at Shaw's plans today, I know their customer service is even worse than Telus and it might be out of the fat into the fire.


So, don't know what to do, not sure why I am writing this. Sorry to be a bother.



I think you have 30 days to back out of a new agreement 

Thanks, there is no agreement, they just put us on a month by month when we had agreed something different when speaking to them in December. At least I can just drop them anytime now. 


Same thing happened to me. I even had a manager input my new contract details and it didn't go through. You have to make repeated calls and go up one or more levels, otherwise the call centre in the Philippines has limited resources and authority.

Their call centre is in the Philippines? We've had issues with the call centre before, for example, when reporting outages on a channel they wanted us to upgrade to a higher package, and then they transferred me to a person in Mobility and not Home Services. Turned into a gong show.


It took a little bit of effort but yesterday we connected with a manager and even got their phone/email address. She said the person who did the data entry on the new contract had made some mistakes which is why we ended up 2x the agreed pricing on our package. She was able to fix things AND confirmed everything in writing to us.


However, I'm not happy with the lengths I had to go to in order to get it resolved. Having said that it's still better than cable companies in the UK, although much cheaper, you can never resolve things without getting a citizen's advice bureau or ombudsman involved.


Really appreciate you replying @starchoice 

Don't be too confident about someone giving you their phone/e-mail address. I have been provided with this in the past. After a previous incident where a manager messed up my bill or rather, the inputs weren't processed, I tried calling her but always got voice mail. Yea, I left messages but she never bothered to return my calls. The e-mail system is easier for them. Send an e-mail and it is ignored, you'll never get a response. However, it was a good feeling to get them even though their value was worthless

Well, if something does go wrong with next month's billing, I have something in writing from them to prove our agreement/contract. I didn't have that before, most things appear to be done verbally there, which made it difficult to fix things this time round.


When I initially started as a Telus customer they said they could provide a contract in advance, only that I could cancel within 7 days after it commenced. So, I was most displeased about that.


I renewed my contract in May 2022 and have been calling them every single month since.  There has NOT BEEN A SINGLE MONTH that I receive a bill with the amount on my contract agreement.  They keep adding in a increase in the price of my Internet or TV or my home phone and hoping that I wouldn't notice it.   Last month they even added TSN and Sportnet to my TV package.   I found out because I received an email at 10pm with an updated contract.  I was watching YouTube at the time and they told me that I must have added it somehow.  Once my contract is done, I seriously considering going back to Shaw.