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T3200M Modem drops Ethernet Connection and WiFi Experience is Poor


Is anyone experiencing poor performance with their T3200M TELUS modem?


My Mac desktop has an ethernet cable (supplied by TELUS) connected directly to the T3200M modem that is literally 40 cm away. Anytime that I establish a network connection via ethernet, I can be sure that within an hour the ethernet connection has failed and I must resort to connecting via WiFi.

I've reset the modem, ensured that the firmware is up to date, changed the channels on the modem, changed the ethernet cable into the various ports in the back of the modem, etc. I'm beginning to think that my modem is a dud.

I've contacted TELUS and a tech 'reset' the modem and did some other magic... and the ethernet connection worked for about an hour. Then it died.


I've also noticed that the WiFi signal does not seem to permeate the walls of my house like previous modems that I've owned. It is very poor - on both 2.4 and 5 GHz.


If you've had similar issues, I'd like to know. What I really want to know is how to fix it or do I simply ask TELUS for a new modem and go through the hassle of setting up all my devices over again? Sigh.



How long has this been going on for? If it is for the last 2-3 weeks, there have been some issues with the latest firmware upgrade. Make sure you do the reset properly;


-Press down on the reset button in the back for 10 seconds

-As soon as the lights change colour, release, and unplug the modem for 5 seconds

-Plug the modem back in - when the lights come back on - reboot 2 more times (unplug, plug back in, lights come on, unplug, plug back in)

-wait about 10 minutes then check your speeds on speed test


This SHOULD fix the small issue's you've been experiencing lately.


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Community Power User

@validate Contact Telus and schedule a service call, there is some basic troubleshooting they can do. But the issues you describe a tech should be looking into.