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Switched to Pure Fiber - what a mistake!!!

Just Moved In

After 18 months of work on it, I'm finally switched over to fiber.


However, once it was finally up and running, I discovered I had no landline.


Some more work with a tech, and my landline was back.


Then, I discovered that, although I had landline, my voice mail (and the rest of my phone bundle) was gone.


More tech work.


Telus called me yesterday, and advised that, as my "copper" service was still active, I was being double-billed for the entire TV/Internet/Landline/WEmail bundle, so they were cancelling my "copper" account.


Then, my TV service went out....and all my PVR recordings were gone.  Now, I discover that not only is my email gone, but the email address I've had for over 30 years  is locked & unusable.  Now, Telus tells me that 100% of my contact list is gone, and cannot be recovered.  Telus Webmail (locked to my Telus email address) is also gone.


At this point, Telus can't advise whether it's possible for me to have email or my PVR recordings again.


Funny, when I joined up they swore I'd still have 100% of my existing package.


Turns out, that's simply not true.


Oh...and by the "new" bundle (without PVR recordings, email, etc.) will cost considerably more than my old, complete account.




Community Power User
Community Power User

@Zetec7 wrote:


Turns out, that's simply not true.



That's not the experience thousands of others, myself included, have seen. While your experience may not be unique, it is not widespread.

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You should call in and ask to be transferred to loyalty  and retentions and ask them to get your old email accounts etc back and some account credits for the errors they made on the  transfer of your services.


Sounds like your  install was handled as a new install not a transfer of service. This could be a mistake made on the original service order or by the tech installing the fiber service.