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Shaw upgrading internet from 150/300 to 300/600 for free


So looks like Shaw is automatically upgrading the internet speeds on the 150 and 300 plans to 300 and 600. Looking at you Telus.



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Node congestion in the future and they don’t hit those speeds at peak times. The upload speeds are still stuck in the 2000s.

Still for people stuck on copper with no hopes of Fibre in the near future especially in MDU's it is very enticing.

At my house I have telus internet and optic TV on twisted pair lmao,

And at my condo in Langley I have Shaw on Fibre Optic. Who is stuck on copper again?

I do wish Shaw had fibre. If they did they would be the better service for sure.

And just like with the 150 and 300 plans, Telus will match them in less than a week I predict.

Has been true so far but somehow I don't think it will happen this time.  A lot of people want better uploads rather than higher download speeds.  300/300 is still better in many cases than 600/20(30).  Just my hunch.  

This is one of those cases where I would love to be wrong and get an upgrade from 300 to 600 at no cost(it really doesn't make a difference to me but I will still enjoy the speed test results!).

I downgraded in November from 300 down to 75... I thought I didn't need the speed.. until my google music streaming started to buffer and became impossible to enjoy. That's when you realize just how many things are connected - 1 PC, 1 laptop, 2 tablets, 2 smartphones, 2 TVs, 1 Roku, 5 google homes (yes, 1 in each room + the bathroom) , 10 smart outlets &  smart light... and inevitably more devices in the near future.  Not to mention the friends and family that come over and ask for the WIFI password


I was already getting ready to bump back up when I saw Shaw's launch of 600 and doubling speeds for existing 150/300 clients.


When I called on December 4 to increase the speed, I asked the TELUS rep... she confirmed its coming "any day". So I bumped back to 300 and eagerly awaiting to be double to 600

I must say I am pleasantly surprised.  Surprised because I didn't think Telus would react to this and up the speed as they already had 300/300-much higher upload.  Pleasantly because, I have 300 and while it really doesn't make a difference, I would still be very happy to have 600.  Let us see what happens. Thanks for posting that.

Telus should show up Shaw! Go for the jugular and go 750/750 up and down ! Put Shaw to shame !

@Haussie wrote:
Telus should show up Shaw! Go for the jugular and go 750/750 up and down ! Put Shaw to shame !

Looks like they did. These are the new plans on the "Order" page. My current plan has yet to increase, but I'm sure it will in a couple days.



Kolby_g. I don’t see a free upgrade there 🤷‍:male_sign: Like Shaw. Let’s hope this is just cuz of the soft launch snafus !

@Kolby_G wrote:

@Haussie wrote:
Telus should show up Shaw! Go for the jugular and go 750/750 up and down ! Put Shaw to shame !

Looks like they did. These are the new plans on the "Order" page. My current plan has yet to increase, but I'm sure it will in a couple days.



Yeah they added new more expensive plans, but the price is still the same.  Doesn't look like they are going to compete against the 600mbps Shaw plan. Still priced around the same as the Telus 300.

I think I am feeling a little let down by these ! Making me a little upset ! Come on TELUS ! I have faith you can do better !

II swicthed to Telus from Shaw due to move to a new condo. Speedtest results mostly ping of 8 and download speed of 25. BTW, I am using Telus 150. Today after reading all these discussions, I did another test and suddenly I have this. Telus is listening? Thank you Telus



Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 22.28.50.png

Switched today They also now have 750/750 Plan and 1 Gbit with a deal for 95$ for 2 years in Calgary  Its nice to be back to TELUS FAMILY!
Never knew T3200M can work in SFP10 Mode  I gues it means 10 Gigabit and now no ONT. Fibre Optic Cable goes straight to Advanced router. One of the cleanest install I have ever seen. Tech even removed coax cables to clean up clutter and put even my equipment in good spot and secured to the wall which was nice of him.

SFP+ to be precise.
Did 1000 speed test s today was trying to squeeze   1 ms Ping...  it stuck on god bless ZERO I couldn't believe my eyes... 4K is nice guide is very responsive . For first few hours there was slight delay between STBs but I guess  it was adjusting to the network and 3 hour after setup delay vanished. No more blur or fade on YouTube or Netflix which Shaw does have wheb I watch videos on mobile phone or tablet Shaw had fade and bluer slight but visible .

Too bad Telus hasn't responded in price.  Now I'm really wondering if upload speed is worth it.  I just signed up for 2 years with Telus on the 300/300 for $70 a month, but looks like I can get the 300 down for $50 a month or 600 down for $68 since they are doubling the speeds and including the $250 credit.  Even with the contract, I'd make up the cancellation fee in the first year and save another $240 on the second year. 



Actually they did: (This in Calgary and they told me to call Wednesday-Friday  to see if I can get upgraded at loyalty level since I just switched to them)
Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 19.38.39.png

I asked Telus about this through a chat and here was the response:


"Ok, I have checked our documentation for the new plan tiers, and I'm afraid that we do not currently have plans to double up on speeds in the same way that Shaw did. I'm very sorry about that, as it's surely not the answer that you were hoping for."