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Services Lost, absolutely no help from phone agents!!!

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I've had a ridiculous last few days trying to get my services back up and running since they failed on July 9th. Basically the situation is, I had ordered Telus FTTH in my apartment, which had the fibre laid and the ONT installed since it was first available. On the day I made the order, I was assigned a technician installation a week later. This was unacceptable, as I had 5 people in my house who needed this basic necessity.


After doing some research into Telus' FTTH/FTTN technology using Alcatel-Lucent OTL, I discovered that no tech's physical presence was required on the premesis to provision my account. This was due to the fact that the physical connection was already made, and all the necessary hardware was connected and on the premesis. I called in and was fortunate enough to speak to a technician who was able to provision the ONT's Layer 2 filtering to allow my network to request a DHCP lease by providing him with my gateway's MAC address.


I made the false assumption that the technician would realise the account had been provisioned when they arrived and would therefore complete their ticket, allowing my services to run as normal and charge me accordingly. This was not the case, my account was never "activated" in the Telus systems as the technician left the Install ticket open. Now I have actual connectivity issues and no one is willing to help me without completing the "install", which is asinine as my services were functioning properly. 


Since my connection has gone dark I have spent 4 hours on the phone trying to resolve the issue. All I want is to have network phone tech troubleshoot my issue before sending out a technician.   I will spend 1.5 hours on hold and finally be routed to a phone tech, who all claim there is nothing that can be done (because they don't have the knowledge or permission to analyse my situation). Then, due to this open install ticket they'll transfer me to customer "service", which is closed because I work every day. 


Please help me close this ticket and move on with this parade of incompetence.


Community Power User
Community Power User

When you call Telus, are you only calling the regular technical support number or are you calling the very specific one for Pure Fibre? If the former, that will be why you are running into trouble. You can reach Pure Fibre sales and support at 1-844-372-8559. Regular technical support reps won't be able to fix an install order but you may have better luck calling the Pure Fibre number.

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Thanks for the tip! I'll try it ASAP, I never would have guessed they would separate the two.