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Sending email outside of Canada on an apple device


Recently we have travelled both to Portugal and Ireland with iphones and ipads. When we were on WiFi using Apple Mail on these device we could not send email. We tried all sorts of SMTP settings and it would not work. We eventually had to install a VPN client to spoof the phone that we were in Canada. Now however I have a brother traveling in Europe and he tells me that using the Outlook app there was no problem.

So the question I would have is why is there a problem using Apple Mail app versus  the Outlook app - surely the setting would be the same?


Community Power User
Community Power User

What SMTP settings did you try? I have found 1025 best when travelling outside the Telus network.

The setup may differ between mail clients. 

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We did try 1025 and it did not work for us - but we never thought to try a different client