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Rural SmartHub hardware question




I recently moved to an acreage near Calgary and am now on Telus SmartHub 500 GB wireless internet plan. I have the ZTE MF279T, which was their NEW one when I got it 2 months ago. It is a newer model than the MF279, and sales had told me this model was LTE+. It does connect to LTE+ but my download speed is capped at 25 Mbps. I was expecting that though. 


Does anyone know about the newer one it now shows on their site? I believe it is the Huawei B612, same as is shown for business hubs. This one actually says it's LTE Advanced, but it shows both as being options. 


My question I guess, is do they speed limit only rural users on the 500 GB plan? Like I know my current hub is capable of a lot more speed, and the Huawei one also says it is faster. I'd like to get the most speed I can out there as 25 Mpbs is low, wondering if anyone on the rural SmartHub plan has tried the Huawei one and do you ever get speeds well over 25 Mpbs?




I live in the Lake Cowichan area just west of town. I recently (mid-June) opened a Rural SmartHub account with Telus using the ZTE MF279T device. I have a rural landline but there were issues with it carrying the internet. My internet service was constantly down or crashing and the local technicians agreed it was a problem with the cable from town. My local home service tech brought out a ZTE for a week trial and it was AMAZING! 30-45Mbps download. We watched a full week of programming (Netflix, Apple TV) without issue. Now that I have opened the account I am getting speeds no higher than 10Mbps and often the download speed is less than the upload. I would say the average is 4Mbps although we have trouble even watching a single program on Netflix. I am well aware of using multiple devices and we disconnect them for an evening of entertainment. The discouraging speeds we experience are with a single device connected to ethernet port of the ZTE. What changed? Has anyone experienced a similar drop in speed?