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Red "Fail" Light on ONT Box


Hey guys,


I think this is more of a concern than a question. I got Fibre internet 300 installed just at the end of October. About a couple weeks ago, the ONT box (white Nokia box) had a red fail light on it half way through the day, rendering the internet useless. Of course, I called up Telus, had a technician come out the next day and all was resolved. The technician said the line to our house was unplugged from the main box away from the home. I said cool, maybe another technician did it by accident. But today, I received the same red fail light again.


Whats up with that? Is there a technician out there trolling me? Lol. I mean I love the internet experience, consistent speeds for sure but if I can't even get the service working, then whats the point? It's frustrating especially since we have a home based business. Tried calling the previous technician that fixed it the first time around, no answer. Tried calling the Telus Support line, long waits and when I got connected, call dropped. Smh. 


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Community Power User
Are you in a neighbourhood getting new installs? If so, there might have been an accidental disconnect, but it really shouldn’t happen. I suggest using the escalation email on the Contact Us page linked at the bottom of the page.
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That's the thing right? I mean I've had it happen twice now. I'm not sure what their process is when installs happen in the neighborhood - but I mean if you'll be unplugging stuff, at-least be responsible enough to put it back or put it back in the right spot. 

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I too rely upon my internet for my livelihood and am experiencing the red fail light on my Alcatel Lucent ONT fiber receiver/converter that connects to the router via CAT5/6. My fiber 300/unlimited has been down for 24hrs. and still no tech coming for two days. I stand to lose a significant amount of income due to this and my tenants have no data either.

This happened only a year ago as well. Telus has been useless on the issue.

I work in IM/IT software development currently and have several years experience troubleshooting software and hardware issues and custom building hardware. The customer service agent in the Philippines kept insisting I must have changed or unplugged something (I didn't and no one else has access to the area where the unit resides) and the guy at the Canadian call center refused to put me through to the Network Services group. Tried calling and leaving voicemail on Telus tech. who setup everything last time this issue occurred's cell and a text - no answer. Tried texting the Telus tech. who setup my Dad's Telus services (I convinced him to switch from Shaw to Telus and am now regretting it) no response from anyone.

Finally took to Twitter and started ranting and got a private message from a Telus Support agent who said they would "escalate" the issue. However, still nothing.

Nothing physically changed with my configuration and there are no other outages in my area. 


So sick of dealing with Telus, we need more ISP options. They really don't care about their customers.

You could try contacting Telus via and see if there is anything possible from there. You'll need to be sure you have an existing ticket in for your problem.

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It can be frustrating sometimes. What I did was contact the technician that did my last work (thank God I still had his business card). Fella was accommodating enough to come out the next day and help me sort it out.

Perhaps you can try that?
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