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How can we stop the harassment to have Telus PureFibre installed. So far they have come to our house at least 7 time to install PureFiber cable. We do not want it. We had Telus Internet in the past and it was crap, it hardly ever worked and the support people did not know how telus internet worked or how it was to be installed. I expect they will be having commissioned salesmen going door to do harassing people like us that do not want PureFiber installed. I have tried to contact Telus but it is impossible, just end up going in circles just like when we had telus internet.



One thing to keep in mind.

While you may not want the Telus PureFibre installed IF you refuse the service when you attempt to sell your house sometime in the future this will be come a huge negative on the sale.

It would be much better to have the Fibre installed to an External box on the side of the house and leave it unterminated.

This at least allows any potential future owner to make the decision without it costing Thousands of dollars to bring the service to your house and subsequent internal service installation.

I hope this helps

The new owner does not want Telus!

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