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PureFibre installation harrassment


I have received a letter from Telus FibreUpgrade re. copper network will be shutoff by August 15, 2019 in my neighbourhood. Can they actually leave me without a phone feed if I don't want nor need the Purefibre network? This is what I found on the Telus website, contradictory to what the most recent correspondence received from Telus states??

What if I don’t want to switch to TELUS PureFibre services? Will TELUS make me switch?

Your existing copper internet service will continue to work as long as it is available in your neighbourhood. However, you can increase your property value simply by installing a fibre optic internet connection on your property.4 Also, in the future if you want more data to support new connected technologies, you can easily and quickly make the switch to TELUS PureFibre.


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hello there @JackArthur and @kms 


Yes what you have been told is correct. In select communities TELUS is replacing existing copper infrastructure with our PureFibre network and as such, copper service will be shutting down. To avoid service interruption during the transition from copper to PureFibre customers will need to schedule a technician visit. The upgrade from the current copper network to PureFibre is mandatory.


Full details are available at

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One of the instructions was the Telus employee would leave the parts on the steps and call the house and walk me thru what had to be done inside. Not sure how I feel about doing their job. And if something goes wrong, whos fault is it.

@Powderjockey wrote:

One of the instructions was the Telus employee would leave the parts on the steps and call the house and walk me thru what had to be done inside. Not sure how I feel about doing their job.

We live in difficult times. Everyone is trying to do the best they can under COVID conditions. The TELUS empoyees don't want to go into customer houses. Most customers don't want random people entering their home. The current arrangement is a compromise. Compromise and cooperation by everyone will go a long way to get us through the COVID situation.


@Powderjockey wrote:

...And if something goes wrong, whos fault is it.

And if it all works out and the installation is successful? Why only focus on the negative?

Not giving them a lot of options, are you.

They are trying to work with you to get this done.  Why not work with them too instead of trying to put up barriers?

Also, I believe the installation of a fibre connection would cost the new owner.  So, it's a selling feature if it's already installed.

"As long as the copper lines are being supported" - the wording is important. They are no longer supporting copper lines in many areas and plan to get rid of it in as many places as possible. People steal the copper cables and sell it.  Fiber is more modern.  The increased value for your property - many people buying a house would prefer to have one that's got fiber internet available.  Anyway, this is getting changed.  No matter how many misinformed employees you talk to (and Telus has a lot of them) this doesn't change the fact that the wired network is going away.

did you ask when the eta is for fiber optics to come into play in your area. I was told no change to my billing, no charge for the migration, everything would work better. Well my 35 yr old account was marked as "new" all my deals made a week prior to switch cancelled they say because fiber optic billing is different than copper so lie number one as my bill increased, I was charged $150 install lie #2 (I did get it removed but shouldn't have had to), my landline is no longer a landline and since they didn't send an installer that knew how to deal with the alarm the first time the whole system went out a week later when alarm agent came to switch alarm over to fiber optics. That left me without a phone, tv or internet and that installer had no idea how to fix all other services. So nope I'm not thinking Telus has all their ducks in a row yet on this migration. Different answers from every agent along the way. Make sure when you are "forced" to migrate that you watch your bills for a couple months afterwards. I hate I no longer have a landline that works in power outage. I have four services from Telus.

Helpful Neighbour

These are truly careless and uncaring people.

In the face of the latest repetitious Telus letter about fibre optic sent by ordinary mail, I am mailing it back with a large cross over the text plus a personal memo, all Bolded, as follows:--





I AM NOT ON CABLE! [ordinary typeface, bright red]

I AM NOT ON CABLE!! [medium typeface, bright red]

 I AM NOT ON CABLE!!! [largest typeface, bright red]

And that is perfectly fine. Your wireless service is both ultra-fast and reliable.

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Copper lines have been a reliable standard forever.  Telus is replacing these copper lines with internet fibre lines.  The fibre line involves installing a unit in your home.  I have been told that during a power outage, this unit only has 2 hours of battery life.   An extra battery can be purchased from Telus, but it again, only has 2-4 hours of battery life.  Not very helpful during a prolonged power outage and dangerous, I feel, especially for anyone with health issues.  They say that after an earthquake be prepared to be without power for 3 - 7 days, if not longer.    That is why I do not want my copper landline replaced, but as noted previously, I feel we are basically being forced to do this.   


Yes, you are being forced to do this.  Someone with health issues would be equally at risk if someone stole the copper wire that comes to your house. You night make some enquiries to your emergency measures organization if you want to know how to cover things if something happens.  There's nothing stopping you from putting a bigger battery power supply on your ONT if you want, but it matters how long the upstream lasts.

again.. please do not make responses to me on this issue. you are not invited into my "circle".

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I think upgrade should be done properly without any issue to consumer.

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I received an email from TELUS regarding the  NEED to switch. I have only a landline and an alarm system. No other services. I have been advised by two representatives that I do not need to switch as long as the copper lines are being supported. One agent advised " TELUS doesn't force people to switch" 

This discussion is getting old.  They say "AS LONG AS the copper wire is being supported".  Heads up:  IT IS NOT going to be supported any longer. It is being phased out.  They are going to remove it.  It is going to be gone.  Most people will welcome the fiber.  Regardless of what you heard or think, eventually that copper wire will no longer be there. You need an ONT inside your home.  It doesn't matter if you "just" have an alarm system or a phone.  You can either do it the easy way or the hard way.  Looking extensively to find someone who will tell you what you want to hear isn't going to change things.

I have not posted anything for over a month on this issue. Please keep your rude replies to yourself.

It was in response to Brewmaxell649's post yesterday, it was not directed at you. As to being in your "circle" or not, this is the TELUS forum, not your forum.  At the top of the responses I made, it says "in response to" and the posts you are referring were NOT made in response to you at all. They were made in response to others.  

Thanks for this.

What is really puzzling me is what happens to my other Telus services besides phone and alarm system. I get everything else wirelessly with a Wi-Fi modem, and it is plenty fast and reliable. I'm really not enthusiastic about those other services being made slower by this change.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Your Wi-Fi connected services won’t change. Only the means of connection to the internet does. It is likely your internet connection will be faster.

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My point is that my connection to the internet is wireless, bypassing cable, and already really fast. Or am I naïve?

No, your WiFi connection is to your router not to the Internet. Your router then connects you to the Internet, either by copper phone lines or by a second device that is connected to a fiber optic cable.

We are connected to the internet via Shaw cable.. nothing at all to do with Telus lines. This is what Shaw has advised.

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thankyou .. Shaw advised us the same..