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Port Blocking in 2019? Cancelling my service after 1 hour!

Friendly Neighbour

So, I had Telus Fiber delivered to my house a few months ago, and finally got a good offer for 2 years in the weekend to hook it up. I do a lot of Video Conferencing and Serving for me, friends and family, so I thought ... nice Symmetrical Bandwidth ... here we go!!!


But ... it turns out, Telus thinks blocking port 80/443/25 and so on, still makes sense in the days of intelligent Firewalls, NAT, and Antivirus everywhere. So my personal my Web Server, my Network Management tools, and PLEX all need to be modified to non-standard ports to work, but here's the real kicker, my personal email server can't work, as no external email servers are going to use anything other than port 25.


I have all of this working perfectly with Shaw ... so good thing I didn't cancel the service. One hour in and I am cancelling the Telus service. I am so CRAZY DISAPPOINTED. What is the point of stressing you have a Symmetrical Service offering, when much of what a Symmetrical service is used for cannot be done. And yes, I did tell the Sales Guy why I wanted it !!



You do realize you can open those ports manually on your router right? Telus blocks certain ports by default for a number of security reasons. 99% of their customer base doesn't understand how the internet works or even what a port is. Many security threats try to enter a network using many of the same ports so these are added to the block list to help protect customers. Just because you may have advanced knowledge of your home network and how to access or host remote servers doesn't mean it's negligence on the ISP for preventing them from running on a default profile for a new customer.

Friendly Neighbour

I do not believe this is true, TELUS blocks these ports for dynamically assigned IP Address ranges across the board, presumably ACL's on Routers somewhere. There are no filters or port blocks on the TM3200's, and they cannot be disabled. Having a "pre-assigned" Firewall on the device would be fine, allowing those with enough skill or stupidity to choose the length of their own rope to hang themselves, but to simply block all such services for high-end users is somewhat annoying.


If you know of a way to allow TCP ports 80/443/25 to be allowed through the Passthrough port on the TELUS TM3200, I would be more than thrilled to be proven wrong!!

I assume you have your own domain. You can use non-standard ports and redirect traffic to them using URL redirect records for the standard ports. Check with your your domain host. 

Friendly Neighbour

Of course, but as per my original post, this does not work for SMTP Mail Servers, so I need to use a relay, which means more money, not to mention the mess URL Redirects cause to TLS Certs.

How do you open these ports

Just Moved In

I'm getting fiber soon for the same reason as you, symmetrical bandwidth. I was pretty surprised to learn about the port blocking 😞