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No Service on some devices, Campbell River


As of yesterday afternoon, everything fine.  Then noticed I can't connect Kindle to wifi, but other wifi still fine (phone, computer, printer).  Unable to load network address on computer.


As of this morning, same situation re wifi (all good but Kindle), but now our two wired TVs and one wireless are not working, yet wireless TV in shop is fine.  Any ideas???? is there a service problem?  Will not call the # suggested as a very last resort due to horrible wait times, terrible customer service.



just lost shop tv, but computer & printer fine

Community Power User
Community Power User

Start by rebooting the Telus router/gateway, then all other devices in the house. See if that works. If not, worst case scenario / last resort, would be a full reset on it. You'd need a hardwired computer to set it up again.

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All good, prior to doing modem reboot (was worried I couldn't turn off smart switch due to not being able to reach network),

I called Telus, and got through right away! so we rebooted and she fixed the switch on her end.  Apparently sometimes there will be a random update/reset from Telus, this is what happened, so no service problems in my area.  Very good customer service today thanks to Violet Smiley Happy and thank you for replying to post