New modem/router soon?


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Repeating my question. Is it possible there will be new modem soon and fmi what the latest pvr model and set top box?
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You've asked this countless times and the answer still has not changed. If there is a new modem coming, Telus will not announce it until it's released. At this point the T3200M still works for the vast majority of users so it's not likely it'll be replaced soon.


You can find the Optik hardware here.

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K, cool. Does the 3200 support still gigabit speeds?
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The Answer Is Out There.


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The key to answering this for yourself is asking yourself a few questions. 


Is there a big speed boost coming to services that would require and benefit from it?  

Is there some new technology being deployed for their internet service?

Are you interested in switching to something faster?  


If the answer is no to all three of those.  Then it is more than likely going to be a no.  Personally, the only thing I feel like Telus and every major ISP in Canada are lacking is, an 8-Gigabit port modem with at least two Mesh access points included.  This is literally the only way they can seriously improve the experience for all of the connected devices we all have today in everyone's home.  


or give us ip+port setting so i can use my pfsense box and not  there router and get a unifi ap Smiley Happy

like this : but that s my issues not yours