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Netgear Orbi RBK50 on Telus 750/750


I am getting Telus 750/750 (internet only). I've also bought Netgear Orbi RBK50 wifi system. Can I use Orbi as the only router (thereby skipping the T3200M router)? Half of the equipments at my home are wired and the rest are on wifi. I have a Synology NAS where I store all the 4K videos (some of the video's bitrate go up to 90Mbps) and would like to stream it over local wifi. I am not sure if the Telus modem/router would be able to handle it. Does anyone else have a similar set up? Any help is appreciated. 


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Guessing you have figured this out by now, but i just wanted to add my own comments to this in case others have or are wanting a similar configuration. 


I have been using the Netgear Orbi RBK50 as my modem with one satellite (hardwired backhaul) connected directly to my telus ONT without issue while on 150/150 + Pik TV. The Orbi serves 30+ devices in my network (IP cam system with NVR, Plex media server, multiple smart home devices, plus all the regular stuff like cellphones and laptops).


Fibre > Telus ONT > Netgear Orbi


I recently upgraded to Optik TV and the Telus tech was not able to get the 4k Optik STB's to work with my above configuration. He ended up having to install a Actiontech T3200m in order to bypass the Orbi to get the STB's to work properly. 


With a little research on my end after the tech had left i found that the STB's require "multicast" support. Fortunately it looks like the Orbi supports this but is disabled from the factory. All that was required was to enable "IGMP Proxyinig" under the WAN settings.


So far so good. No degradation in hardwired or wireless performance and both my TV's are streaming flawlessly. Still getting full wireless 150/150 throughout my 3 level 2000 sq ft townhouse in a crowded wifi neighborhood. Love the Orbi!



Hi there,


I am wondering what the optimal set up would be for me.


Fibre 1GBS - Internet only.


I have the Telus wifi hub (Big white can) in the basement.


Connect Netgear Orbi router via ethernet to port 1 telus hub. Wirelessly connect Orbi satellite to Orbi router. Both Orbi's would be on the main floor.

I just want better wifi coverage and speed throughout my house. Most connections will be through wifi. I don't have ethernet hooked up in the house.


Do I need to put Port 1 of telus wifi hub into bridge mode? Turn off wifi radios? Or just leave everything alone?





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Add Telus Boost. Simplest solution.


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Hi, I was looking to do this and the setting you mention IGMP made the trick. Thanks for sharing it

I realize this is replying to a very old post, but were you able to fully detach the T3200 from the network and still get OPTIKTV and STB functionality using the IGMP Proxying setting on the (Orbi Router?). My configuration as it stands has a bunch of issues that I never had with Shaw, which allowed for the end user to disable their wireless completely. TELUS tech told me that those STBs require wireless to communicate.


I would really be interested in this setup info!


It worked for me, was able to have TV wireless or using Ethernet from ORBI and not from T3200. 


Ended later adding back the T3200 with wifi disabled as I needed the coaxil output to reach some rooms that there was coaxil instead of ethernet. 



One thing I forgot to mention is our home was pre-wired with mostly co-ax but we also ran a bunch of LAN cabling. At the time I wanted to have my network closet upstairs with other equipment (NAS, Switch etc.), but when we got PureFibre they ran the new service to the basement panel and then put a converter via the ONT for the co-ax line that runs up to the upstairs network closet, and it is this that is feeding the T3200. And the 2 STBs are also being fed with co-ax into an Actiontec ethernet converter box that connects to the DVR/STB.


I have also not been able to find any information on how to completely disable the T3200 wireless and DHCP, but if I did then I likely wouldn't have to mess around with the physical infrastructure.


Thanks for the reply!

I have tons of problems when they installed Purefibre. the ONT box was in garage and connected via coax to t3200 (on a panel in the house) using adaptor. Service was going down and t3200 restarting once or twice a day. After several months and technicians and lot of hardware changed that nothing worked, we finally move the t3200 closer to the ONT connected by Ethernet.  I bought the ORBI later just to have better coverage in the house. 

Everything is so stable now.





Do you have more than one STB in your home? I can potentially relocate the T3200, but my 2 STBs have coax + the Actiontec converter going into the PVR device, so I'm not sure if I fix one (wireless) issue and create problems for OptikTV.


The Orbi that you purchased, is it running in AP or router mode?

Hi, I have 4 TV Boxes and 1 PVR.  


The T3200 is in bridge mode (that only works using PORT1) that is connected to the main Orbi (setup as router). Orbi is connected to a switch that delivers Ethernet connections to wired devices.

The Moca (coaxil) output of T3200 is connected to a splitter to send coaxil signal to different bedrooms where PVR and 2 TV boxes (wired connected to lan port using Actiontec Moca converter)

The other two TV boxes are wireless. One paired to T3200 and the other to Orbi Satellite.

I disabled wifi in the T3200 but there is a  hidden 5ghz network that is used to connect the wireless boxes 

As I mentioned my main problem was the connection between Fibre Box and T3200 that was coaxil + converter. We noticed there was an ethernet cable going to the home from garage used by the phone. I just used that cable and moved the phone to the garage. After that the T3200 never went down again and using the Orbis fixed all the wifi problems. Phones were dropping or forgetting the wifi or asking for password all the time, specifically iPhone. 






The WiFi solution they paddle is so bad the Cylinder Hub and booster do not get enough coverage in any multi-room setup and they do not tell you about this multicast setting thingy too. Every installation the installer forces you to use the Telus hub for Optik tv. Even though most customers have a good Mesh WiFi solution already. Thanks for pointing me out in the right direction.