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Migration from Copper to Fibre Call Display concern


Hey gang!

So, there have been some misunderstandings I noticed online regarding our migration process and the call display suddenly not showing the full 10 digits but just the 7 once switched over.

This is not a known issue and should not be happening. If it happens to you, a simple reboot should do the trick. Otherwise please let us know over at 310-TECH and we can assist. 

Thank you!



Thank you very much for this message, @hologram123 .  I really appreciate it.  When you say, reboot are you talking about rebooting the ONT? I didn't think it was that simple.  I thought it was the way it is going to be.  I will try that and if it fixes it I will update here so others know as well.  

Thanks again for taking the time to post here.


Yes that is absolutely correct! Please update here when you do!! Thank you!

Hi @hologram123 

On your advice, I did follow up on the issue.  First, I power cycled the ONT downstairs.  It didn't help.  Then I power cycled all my phones(they are all the old highend Nortel phones like Vista 390 and Meridian 9516).  That didn't do it either.  Then I contacted a Telus agent that had given me his email so I could contact him whenever I need some help.

He tried somethings from his end and advised me to contact 310-TECH as you had originally suggested.  He mentioned that he didn't have access to all tools that the Tech support at Telus have.  So, I contacted 310-TECH.  After a considerable time, the agent told me that he would escalate it to another department and get back to me tomorrow(Monday).  So, I thought I update here.  Will come back and let you know what the final outcome is.

Thanks again.

I have another update.  Telus CSR called me back today and informed me that they have checked from their side and the system is sending 10 digits to the ONT and that it is lost after the ONT.  They suspected my old phones don't like something with the way Fibre handles the information.  I haven't changed anything in these phones in the last 10-15 years.  However, after being told it is on my side, I was looking for the hidden settings on the phones and found that there was an entry for local area code.  I removed that and now I see all 10 digits.  


Thank you again, @hologram123. Now that you have solved this, I was wondering if you can kindly look into the possibility of getting that old "Fixed call forwarding" feature.  As long as I was on copper, I used to dial *72 and it would automatically be forwarded to my cell phone. After changing to Fibre, I lost that feature and now every time I have to dial *72, wait for 3 beeps and then enter the 10 digits.  It was a very convenient feature and I was told Fibre phone doesn't have that feature.  Anyway, I thought I put it out here seeing how helpful you have been. Thanks