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Is is just me or does Telus fibre optic wifi suck?

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Is is just me or does Telus fibre optic Wifi suck? It goes down daily and will come back on randomly. I can unplug the modem and it will sometimes come back on and sometimes not. I was on Shaw for years and switched to Telus in Nov 2018 (for cheaper - stupid me). For a while there I ran the 2 services at the same time and while Shaw had no issues, Telus was constantly a problem. If I wasn't in a contract I would go back to Shaw like a shot. I was told Telus was so much better - that it's a dedicated line and speeds would be faster, etc, etc, etc. Contacting the service centre is a complete waste of time coz they take you through the same steps every time and then you finally get the wifi working again and they're all like there you go. All good! Finish talking and 10 minutes later your wifi is down again. They say the modem should cover the size of my house without any problems but I can try a booster for x dollars a month. In my opinion they should be providing the booster free if their product isn't working. And anyway why would I want another Telus product that probably won't work. Does anyone know how the hell one is supposed to get this sorted out. Or do I just wait out the contract and go back to Shaw?


If you provide some details about the situation people here might be able to help you. There isn't anything to go on in your post.

Which router do you have?

You say the WiFi goes down. Do you mean you can't get a WiFi connection or you can get a connection but it doesn't have Internet access?

Is it just WiFi? What about Ethernet connections?

What do the lights on the router show?

When it goes down is it all devices or just some?

Havent had any problems myself i only had a temporary ethernet issue hardwiring my xbox but cleared that


There are a few known issues with the new WiFi gateway working with various devices that my be in your home. Please let us know which modem you have and what specific devices are having issues on your network so we can get a better idea of whats going on.

Just Moved In
Same issues here. Why does my internet cut out if Fibre is so awesome? Frustrating.

Hi @Telususer123 ,


Sorry to hear you are having issues with your TELUS Pure Fibre. I have it also, but mine is working great! Obviously every now and then something may go wrong, but that's with every provider, and majority of the issues are not with the provider, rather the internal network in your home. Every network is different from another, and your setup configuration may need to be modified to your specific needs. For example, some may notice issues with their smart home equipment connecting, because they have both 2.4GHz and 5Ghz running. To fix this issue, you just need to enable smart steering, and the issue is solved. Other times a device may loose internet connection due to outdated or corrupt drivers, lack of reception, viruses, and so much more. A simple network reset, update, booster, or anti-virus scanner can resolve most of these issues. 

If you provide more information on the issue you are facing, we will be more than happy to help provide a solution. @xray provided some really good questions to answer to help narrow down the issue. To see his questions, please scroll up in this thread. 

Do you really have it or do you work for Telus? Seems more likely the later. Of course it is my home rather than the service.

Nope, I just have a long background in IT, programming, and general electronics. I have been with most major service providers for home and cellphones. Currently I'm with Telus for cellphone and pure fibre internet.

Perhaps my reply above can be perceived in an accusing tone, which was not my intention. I agree that it can be a service issue, but it very well could be your home network too. The reference to @xray post that I suggested is to diagnose both service or home side issues and is a great place to start if you are interested in a possible solution.

If it was the service, then I would assume you would have spoken to Telus support already and did not receive the answer you were looking for so you decided to post your concern here hoping for a solution. Lots of us have been in your similar or exact situation, want to save you time by not making the same mistakes we did, and are genuinely trying to help.