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Internet Usage Notification

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I'm trying to figure out why I'm getting a notification telling me that I've used approximately 95% of my internet usage. I currently have the Pure Fibre Internet 150, which is supposed to give me 1 TB (1024 GB) of internet per month. I logged into my account to check if I actually used 95% of my internet usage and it only shows 590 GB used since the last cycle ended. Now when I calculate 590 GB to 1024, it does NOT equal anywhere NEAR 95% of my internet usage. 95% would be if I reached 972 GB and I am NOWHERE near reaching 972 GB. So my question is why I am I receiving this false notification? Is this a marketing ploy to make us buy more data? Because if it is, this is seriously ridiculous and should not be happening like this! I love the fact that my internet is REALLY fast but the fact that Telus has the audacity to email false notifications really pisses me off. Either my account is not up to date or Telus really wants to piss people off with false notifications.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Is this your first month? Possibly the calculator is basing consumption on a portion of the month.


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This is my 3rd month, actually. I never went over my usage in the previous months but have received false notifications as well. Also, I have less than 3 days left in this cycle.