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In need of a working remote code for a TCL TV

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I have recently purchased a TCL TV in US (the Best Buy model: 55R615, a variant of the 55R617) and, while I am able to do most things with my Slimline 2 remote, the volume control and power button will not work no matter what code I try.


Using these codes did not work and going through each of these steps did not work either.


Other codes I tried to no avail: these, these and these.


Would anyone be able to help me please?


Community Power User
Community Power User
Have you tried searching for a code it can take up to 15 min? Keep in mind while the remote knows most it may not have a code to control your new TCL.

Hi, @WestCoasterBC. Yes, I left the remote scanning for more than 15 minutes and yet, it did not work.