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I'm stuck connected to the farthest wi-fi booster

I often find my cell phone stuck connected to the wi-fi booster on the 2nd floor in my house. When it does, my download speed only gets around +8Mbps. To fix it, I would turn off my wi-fi on my phone. Then stand next to the wi-fi booster that is located on the main floor, and turn on my wi-fi. Once connected, I would get +100Mbps on download.
I thought a mesh network is supposed to choose the fastest connection. Why is it not doing that for the TELUS Boost Wi-Fi.

My wi-fi booster are both connected by wire.

Please help, thanks!

Community Power User
Community Power User

I’m wondering if your decision to connect both to Ethernet is the cause. Can you set them up as a wireless mesh, and see what happens?  Also do they both have the same SSID?


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Thanks NFtoBC.

Regarding SSID, I have disable the broadcast on the main router. So wi-fi devices are connected to the booster wi-fi only.

I supposed I can try connecting the boost Wi-Fi on my 2nd floor over wireless instead of wired. The one on the main floor is connected to the main router. So that one has to be connected with wire. But I think this will slow my wi-fi connections that are connected to that booster connected wirelessly.

But I don't understand why it would make a difference. Shouldn't the 2 boosters communicate on their own channel and continuously evaluate the best wireless connection for each device? I thought this is what a mesh device do.

Community Power User
Community Power User

It can also depend on the wireless device that is connected to the mesh network. Some wireless devices are not smart enough to automatically switch to the stronger access point. As @NFtoBC suggested, try unplugging the ethernet from the second booster and try again. 

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Update: I tried that suggestion but it didn't work. I moved away from the 2nd floor booster for a few hours. But my connection stuck on that router.

Perhaps, you're right, it might depend on the actual wireless client device to make the switch to the faster access point.