I can’t add TELUS to my online banking billing because my account number isn’t long enough?


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Im trying to pay my Telus internet bill through online banking and it asks for a 10 digit account number, but mine is only 9 digits. Do I need to add a 1 or a 0 somewhere or do something else??
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Do you bank with ATB? If so, Telus will issue you an account number meeting their requirements. It is mot simply adding a 1 or 0.  Contacting Telus via their Twitter or Facebook account might be the least painful way to get the info you need. See ‘Contact Us’ in the page footer for more info.


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Go to Telus My Account https://www.telus.com/my-account


Click: Set Up Pre-authorize Payment > Checking.


 Enter details about your bank etc, you won't be asked about your Telus Acc #.

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If you look at the first page of your telus bill you will see your 9 digit account number with space and extra digit.the extra digit is your 10th number

For example: Account number 238651074 5