Huge lag spikes on VOIP calls


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I’ve recently started using google‘s hangouts meet for VOIP video calls, which runs very smoothly 99% of the time. Every 5 or 6 minutes however there is a lag spike that will bring the latency temporarily to 200 ms or more, then it will drop back down to normal within a few seconds. This seems to be a regular thing that is happening.

I ran ping plotter to the hangouts meet front end media server (which Google recommends to use for troubleshooting) during a hangouts meet call and it reflected what I saw. There was never any packet loss, but there were always lag spikes every few minutes. I then used ping plotter on various IP addresses at once and it always had these lag spikes

I have the T3200M on TELUS purefibre 50/50 in Vancouver. My internet speedtests from are usually 60 down and 50 up. This testing is on 5 GHz Wi-Fi.

Hangouts meet support recommends to ping/trace route this address for troubleshooting:
Quick update: Interestingly enough, G Suite just emailed me saying there is currently a service disruption with hangouts meet, the very service I talked about. Trace routing that IP address I provided might give abnormal results due to this service disruption. What an interesting coincidence...
The issue with hangouts meet is supposed to be resolved now.